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Oprah's glasses

When you're listening to an album on Spotify and the song is supposed to blend right into the next one, but it gets interrupted by ads.

the weird flaky bits that always litter the top of our copier display

I have yet to find a cough suppressant or decongestant that really works.

That commercial with a lady slowly eating a Lindor truffle.

That moment when you realize too late that the toilet seat was wet.

My feet in these shoes look like the ugly stepsisters trying on Cinderella's slipper.

"guac" and "parm"

Clothes shopping.

Nordstrom's prices.

"Let's Dance" by Chris Montez

Pecan pie.

The Delta guy keeps leaving his laptop open, unlocked, and unattended in the hallway while he's working in the switch closet.

People who cook eggs in the office.

"Your new notifications are now sorted to help you see what's most important to you."

"Trunk or treat" doesn't make any sense.

Tim is irrationally grumpy today.

banana strings

Bad spreadsheets that aren't print-friendly.

It was overcast and rainy here during the eclipse.

My left ear has gone to $#!+ again and all music sounds like crap. And everywhere I go feels ten times as loud as normal and I can't make out what people are saying.

"It's a process."

When someone refers to a photo as "a pix"

The painful way it becomes obvious whenever someone leaves that we badly need a procedure manual.

the powder at the bottom of the cereal box

My office smells like a wet diaper.

power surges

It's getting continually hotter in here. I think the heat is on.

People who pronounce 'console' as 'council'.

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