Skudd's Grumps

I keep trying to talk on the phone and I'm getting pissed because people are talking over me. It's because I'm trying to talk on mute.

It's Pi day and I haven't had any pie.

The snacks and drinks in the break room are completely cleaned out. Nobody has been stocking them lately.

My right heel just started itching uncontrollably.

I was in the middle of using Emily's laptop, actively typing and clicking on things, and it decided to shut down for NO REASON AT ALL.

Issuing a refresh keystroke on the wrong window.

Password change day.


Unreasonable stress.

I feel grumpy for no reason.

When I mention things, nobody listens. Then months later they ask why I never said anything.



Synergy isn't transmitting my keystrokes, but the mouse is working fine.

Spotify is playing too much Silverchair in this radio feed.

Nobody else really uses GrumpLog.

Obligatory 8am Grump

I can't seem to figure out how to register an iTunes account for the baby, even by fudging the birth year. It keeps telling me he's not old enough. Does Siri (or whatever cognitive entity Apple has behind the scenes) know that I'm falsifying information?

Robodialers. That's the third one today. On the same phone. The same one that's on the National Do Not Call Registry.

Back to the grind.

I just feel really grumpy.

CI isn't useful if nobody monitors it.

People who don't attend meetings for high priority things. At least it means the meeting is short and focused though.

Someone was parked in my assigned space this morning.

The mouse for my Macbook went dead, so while it's charging I have to use a crappy HP mouse. Why couldn't Apple design the Smart Mouse in a way that it could be used while it was plugged in and charging?

I think my smelling cigarette smoke might be all in my head. Sorry to all the smokers out there. You should still quit smoking though.

The reckless driver who was weaving in and out of traffic and taking a selfie every 30 seconds.

I put too much water in my oatmeal.

Cleaning in progress - Do not enter.

Scripts that don't scale.

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