Skudd's Grumps

My nose hurts.

I dialed into that last conference call thinking I was muted, but I actually wasn't.

I put my undershirt on backwards.

Not getting those extra 2 hours of sleep really makes a huge difference.

I have heartburn.


Everything is pissing me off today.

If you're going to broadcast a media presentation, work out whatever is causing it to flicker every 2 seconds before the broadcast.

When I am in a meeting, clearly with a phone up to my head, it doesn't mean to come talk to me about the temperature of the local sports traffic.

I'm being out-grumped today.

It's only 3:20PM.

This day just keeps getting better and better.

Impromptu meeting doesn't align with my bladder's needs.

My back hurts.


So much Monday.


People who don't RTFM.

Now the email thing is down for maintenance. Lovely.

Email thing is broken AGAIN.

When you write code that does things with external systems, make sure that you handle errors gracefully, or at the very least, log the parameters used to call the external system when there is an error.

I just noticed that my fly was open. Ugh.

My kidneys are working quite effectively, but I'm unable to do anything about it for a while.

The Skudd of the past was apparently clueless when it came to server authentication. Now I have all these legacy servers with no idea what their root passwords are and no SSH keys in place to be able to authenticate against them.

Instead of building a self-service tool for a legacy product report during one of the last 30 times I've been asked for this particular data, I've been running raw SQL queries against the database(s).

So tired, even though I had a mostly uninterrupted sleep last night.

Opinions on social media.

Headache. Lack of motivation.

The streets have turned into rivers.

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