Skudd's Grumps

Someone on this conference call is working from home and their dog is whining in the background.

My oatmeal is cold.

The elevator smells like rotten apples.

They changed what kind of plastic spoons we have in the break room.

Restroom out of order.

Outdated vendor libraries with no supporting documentation available.


I need to pee but I'm tied to my desk via phone.

Meetings are bleeding into my blocked out lunch time.

Friendly janitor dude needs to understand that the restroom is not a place to hold a conversation.

My push mower refused to start last evening and thus prevented me from mowing the rest of the yard.

I slept poorly last night.

Meetings that are scheduled for 1 hour but go well beyond.

Spending half a meeting asking who is invited and if any of those people have joined.

I hurt. Left hip, right knee, left ankle, both hands, right toes.


Thanks Obama. My primary care doctor is starting a thing where I have to pay an additional $1650 a year just to see him.


Getting only 4 hours of sleep because I had to fix a bug that another team released.

"You did all this work, but we changed one little thing since. Do it all over again."

CI build conflicts that haven't been properly raised to the developers' attention.

Not being included in email threads that are very relevant to things my teams are working on and I should know about.

If you're going to urinate in the toilet, lift the seat.

Telemarketers are calling the support line and asking for me now.

Traffic in The Woodlands. Also, the flooded roads. Also, ignorant/arrogant motorists.

I am incredibly tired and sore. Today was a very hard push to get some projects out the door.

I need to stop multi-tasking while on a call.

I had my breakfast cooking in the microwave and the janitor lady walked up and turned it off.

"done done done done"

After you ask a question, shut up and let people answer. Don't keep monologuing about it.

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