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The way Roland Orzabal bares his teeth in the "Shout" video. Like one of those whitening toothpaste commercials where you know the actors were told to show as much teeth as possible while talking.


Envelope glue.

When the air is humid enough that the last Pop Rocks in the package stick together along the sides and I can't get them out.

"It's a process."

Realtor photos with overdone HDR.

Limp Bizkit ruined "Behind Blue Eyes" for me. I can't think of it without thinking of the Speak & Spell voice.

When Facebook won't let me be myself.

Something about this coffee (or maybe the creamer) is weird today.

The scent of Johnson's baby shampoo has changed.

difference of opinion # attack

Shopping for clothes makes me hate the world.

"The Internet is for porn" song.

Screwing up grumps.

Screwing up grumsp.

Manufactured drama.


watery eyes almost immediately when I stepped into the office


"game changer"

You just lost the game.

When I spend five minutes trying to track down the missing record and then suddenly realize I'm an idiot and 57 + 4 = 61, not 62.

Whispering in movies, tv shows, or on the radio.

Islands in the Stream

the way Jennifer Garner talks

My coat zipper broke beyond repair today and the weather has turned cold and wet again.

All the times I know I'll try to enter "2.29.18" as the date today.

"pick your brain"

I ordered a tuna melt and I got a cold tuna salad sandwich. Where's the melt??

The couple making out by my window.

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