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A giant bug just fell (from where?!) onto my head and got tangled in my fricking hair.

I am sextuple booked for a slot.

I've managed to squeeze about 20 minutes of work into the past two hours.

I have a massive headache.

I need to clean my glasses.

Even though I didn't check the "Send me marking crap" box when I placed a flower order recently, I still got signed up for marketing crap.

Feeling compelled to break stuff.

It's hard to enjoy time off when you know what's waiting for you when you get back.

Starting the workday with a Cypress Hill song in my head.

I don't have enough brain to select a new GIF for the TV.

I had to take out the trash. Trash cans are dirty. I was running late. Trash cans are dirty. Must wash hands. Also running late. EVIL GERMS.

Webex keeps stealing focus FOR NO RAISIN!

Meat death.

I forgot to bring a sweatshirt.

Guy yesterday: "Don't take anything out of the room."
Guy today: "Uh, all this has to be moved out."

There's a hair that's placed just in the right spot on my right leg, such that when my heart beats, the hair twitches just enough for me to feel it. It's driving me crazy.


Old, outdated air conditioner systems.

On top of all the other drama today, the fan in the air conditioner condenser failed today.

Apparently my hearing is not working today.

If SSO was actually implemented as SSO, life would be so much better in the IT world.

When a login link opens a new browser window or tab.

When business processes require me to use Notes.

Fraudulent activity on my debit card.

The amount of vocal fry in this Kohl's ad is unbearable.

Fake people. Really, it's ok to be real. No, really. Real.

I thought today was Friday.

When I get an email that says "Please email Susan Smith" or some other generic name, with no clear indication of which Susan Smith it is, or what her email address is. Then getting an out of office reply when asking for clarity.

The word "comfy"

Someone attempted to gain access to my Facebook account.

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