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"We need a little Christmas."
Nowhere I have been this week has a Keurig machine except for the Houston office.
Finding mystery bits stuck to the bottom of the inside of your water bottle while you're polishing off the last ounce of your second bottleful.
Only 8:18 and already swamped.
My Mac Smart Mouse is dead today and I can't find the charging cable. At least I have a wired mouse.
Oracle bought Dyn.
Just got a domain name renewal notice for Guess it's time to make sure the registration is updated properly.
Group text conversations.
Ambulance Chasers
I slept horribly last night.
I have the chicken dance song stuck in my head.
Dev's hogging the pingpong table ;)
I keep dragging my mouse instead of clicking.
The presidential election.
"Processing, please wait..." *crash*
Your current student loan balance: $0. Your estimated loan balance you'll owe when you graduate: $11,000. Q: As of today, what is your current student loan balance? A: $0. INCORRECT; your current student loan balance is $11,000.
Trying to remember that the keystrokes in Mac land are different than those in Linux/Windows land.
"Round and Round" by Ratt
"Trunk or Treat"
People in this state don't seem to understand that if you're on a divided highway in the middle of nowhere, it's NOT COOL to drive with your high-beams on. Oh, and it doesn't matter if they're coming up behind you or if they're coming towards you.
"We are experiencing unusually high call volumes."
People don't understand Brooks' Law.
An headache.
"Oh no! There is a slight amount of moisture on the road. I must drive like it is a solid sheet of ice."
People who attempt to enter the elevator AS SOON AS THE DOORS OPEN when there are people who need off.
This isn't elementary school. We don't call the parents every time the student needs to do something. Your daughter is 19 years old and is plenty old enough to handle her own mail.
"Woke up to see this on our counter and literally got butterflies in my stomach."