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Stupid websites
I just dropped my squeezy stress ball into the abyss that is under my desk.
Powerpoint updates are still not complete.
Powerpoint updates.
When the controller won't pair with the console.
Yesterday morning, my shoulder hurt. By the time I got done in the yard (minimal yard work) it was almost unusable. Then my back started in. I think I took a muscle relaxer at about 7pm and passed out in bed. Then I woke up and had trouble getting comfortable: every way I laid my arm, it hurt. I eventually gave up and went back to sleep. This morning, it hurts like crazy still, but at least I can move it without screaming in agony. Oh yeah, my back is feeling similar, too. Specifically, right above my hip on the right side. Makes me think that the SI joint over there is pissed off.
Bureaucratic processes.
Someone is spraying air freshener in the office again.
I leave for a lunchtime drive and when I return, my ASSIGNED PARKING SPACE is occupied.
My personal laptop has been progressively getting slower and slower. I used to be able to run some fairly intense 3d graphics on it, but now I can barely get a YouTube video to play with a smooth framerate.
Muffin top, particularly my own.
I keep trying to talk on the phone and I'm getting pissed because people are talking over me. It's because I'm trying to talk on mute.
It's Pi day and I haven't had any pie.
The snacks and drinks in the break room are completely cleaned out. Nobody has been stocking them lately.
My right heel just started itching uncontrollably.
I was in the middle of using Emily's laptop, actively typing and clicking on things, and it decided to shut down for NO REASON AT ALL.
Issuing a refresh keystroke on the wrong window.
Password change day.
"delete out" and "add in"
Unreasonable stress.
I feel grumpy for no reason.
This office makes me sick. Literally.
When I mention things, nobody listens. Then months later they ask why I never said anything.
Since I started working here, the carpets have never been cleaned. That was in 2009. I'm told it was "many years" before that since the last time they were cleaned. Every other part of the building has been updated in the last three years. Even the storage area in the basement is getting fresh paint. Yet here we continue with nasty carpet, filthy walls, and falling-apart desks that we have to warn students not to lean on so they don't get splinters. What the eff.