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long overdue, now untimely: quid pro quo!!

Found my watch. Cause of temporary loss: faulty wrist band.

My watch band apparently broke, and I didn't even realize it.

My lunch (leftovers from last night) went sour already.


When the "logout" option on a site is hard to find.

Forgetting until now that the zipper on my coat is broken.


Inconsistencies in how names are used in various systems within the same company.

Two different rear view mirror adhesives have failed now.

When people use curbside parking for not curbside orders.

When the restaurant serves your food with a napkin from another restaurant

Responding to a calendar invite that someone sent caused their auto-reply to send me a message.

The fruity Tootsie Roll things are addictive!

Password change day.

Lindsey Buckingham split from Fleetwood Mac again.

Zoom changed their IVR voice.

I am suddenly craving banana bread.

My good fidget spinner just broke.


SQLDeveloper just hung on me after I wrote a somewhat complicated query.

The broad assumption that everyone uses a computer running Windows.

Why do people still use Flash?

The ice cream is so cold I can't taste its flavor.

Are the steaks in the ground or on the table?!

Jimmy John's never puts napkins in the bag with delivery orders.

Dead ant floating in my coffee. I know it wasn't there when I first made the coffee. wtf.

Accidents on every route to work, and a train on the backup route. Aggressive drivers. At least there was a rainbow.

Today's a good day, blue skies all round

My GP is closing her practice.

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