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Mother in law's router decided it should have been a brick instead.
Speakerphone, and everyone who uses it.
Skudd is really grumpy before lunch.
The internet.
This weather.
Forgetting to verb a sentence.
I was unaware of the limitations of zfs and raidz when I created this zpool. Now I need to add capacity to it, but it won't let me because raidz. I guess I need to create a new, non-raidz pool and migrate the data.
And now my back hurts. A lot.
Oprah's glasses
I am out of creamer for my coffee at the office.
When basic troubleshooting is not performed or documented.
I just cut my fingernails a couple weeks ago and they're already so long that they are uncomfortable.
When you're listening to an album on Spotify and the song is supposed to blend right into the next one, but it gets interrupted by ads.
I am feeling really light headed all of a sudden.
The office has an aroma like a landfill this morning.
About 15 years ago when I started playing a 5 string bass, I didn't think much about the frequency range and what my audio gear could handle. Now that I'm older and wiser, I understand what I'm hearing in response to what I'm playing, and I can hear how things just can't handle that range below 38Hz. Ugh.
Notes is garbage.
People who slam toilet lids.
Doing what someone else is too lazy to do.
I have been too busy to Grump lately.
Fasting labs and the doctor is late. 45 minutes late so far.
Emails being full 👾
There's a stupid fly buzzing my desk.
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