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Whenever I take a day off, everything falls apart.
When I take a day off and state that I am going to be unavailable, it is not respected at all.
Pecan pie.
I grump when I have my headphones on, am obviously working, and someone shows up wanting to have a meeting with me right now.
"Hey do this thing". Do the thing. "No, not like that! Start over!"
I've answered the same question four times today.
The Delta guy keeps leaving his laptop open, unlocked, and unattended in the hallway while he's working in the switch closet.
People who cook eggs in the office.
Chimney guys were supposed to be here at 11. It's 11:45 and they've not shown up yet.
This stupid Digg article is bashing Google Drive and calling them untrustworthy because of a feature that marked legit files as malware. Google quickly reversed that feature roll out and are working on refactoring it. This is how the cloud works, people. You want features, you want them yesterday, but you also want absolute perfection. YOU AREN'T GOING TO GET IT ALL!
I love repeating myself.
I forgot my lunch AND breakfast today. :(
Raidek is Grumpy! (no longer grumpy after testing new features :D )
"Your new notifications are now sorted to help you see what's most important to you."
"Trunk or treat" doesn't make any sense.
Tim is irrationally grumpy today.
People on conference calls need to learn to not talk over each other.
I can't prepare for meetings and have to wing it every time. Fortunately it generally goes well, but I still feel like I could do better if I have more time.
Why does it take 10 days to opt out of something?
I did a system update today and now KSP won't load. I don't want to reboot though!
When tools fail to perform the only reason for their existance.
When you get a QA bug back for "all content is in spanish". It's's called "Lorem Ipsum".
My spellchecker is flagging "explanation" as improperly spelled.
Random checks from the insurance company with no explanation of what they're for. Also, the sheet they're printed on says "Page 1 of 4", except there's only the one sheet in the envelope.
This meeting was stressing me out so much that I decided to disassemble the ball bearing on my fidget spinner. Now I can't get it back together since my hands don't work well for things that small.
I've been so busy that I'm just now able to eat my brisket taco. And it's cold.
My keyboard hasn't been working properly this morning. Also, since the weekend, it has had a really gummy feeling to most of the keys.
I puked all over myself and we're stuck in traffic.