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My shoulders really hurt.

Apprehension for the day being like the last 15.

Why is everyone driving like a completely ignorant jerk this week?

I think I'm about to have a nose bleed.

The nurse calling people back is prefixing each name with "for", such as "For John Doe?"

I am getting really tired of this transient aphasia stuff. (It just took me several tries to spell those last two words)

My car smells like it has a coolant leak.

The server I have running on my desk is making a weird noise.

I tried to open Notes. It failed, so I did the "Reset IBM Notes" in the Mac@IBM app. It said "Your password expired, do you want to change it?", so I did. 5 minutes later it asked again. I gave it the same password, but it said "you already used that one, pick a new one". I've tried 3 different times now and it keeps looping in this same fashion.

I somehow managed to wreck my back today.

There are spammers on this site now.


Jr won't settle down for bed.

Paypal has changed their button infrastructure in such a way that it breaks existing things.

A recent Thunderbird upgrade broke my local profile.

I keep getting signed out of WebEx.

I had to validate the working nature of my ABS this morning, twice, on the freeway.

Oracle is killing Dyn. Domain registrations are moving to

All the typing sounds in "Mr. Robot".

I don't need a 256 shades of gray response; give me black or white.

I can't Monday.

Somehow I managed to get fiberglass all over the back of my hands.

Inability to get a good night of sleep.

My back hurts. My brain isn't working again. I'm tired. And I'm overall exhausted from cooking this bird all day.

Waking up on a day off to the sound of a 4 year old shouting "ACHOO" at the top of his lungs in the other room.

I am getting really tired of this aphasia. I am struggling to spell words that I know that I know very well.

When people type, "Aweeeee," when what they really mean is, "Awwwwwe."

Looks like Amazon is going to run all the parts departments aground. I found the part I needed on there for about $5 less than the dealership said they would charge me for it. Also, dealership said 6-8 days delivery, Amazon guaranteed Friday.