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My wrist really hurts.
Traffic. It's extra special bad.
Bad spreadsheets that aren't print-friendly.
It was overcast and rainy here during the eclipse.
Expense reports.
What a great idea. Open EVERY LINK in a new tab/window.
I overcooked my pot pie.
The nail clippers I had in my office have disappeared, and I kinda need them.
Uber driver didn't pick me up where he was supposed to.
My personal space includes the back of my chair. Why is that such a difficult concept?
Line jumpers. Welcome to NY.
I have a nose bleed, just enough that I smell it.
I just walked out of my hotel room without my wallet or room key.
Other flights getting merged with my flight last minute.
Everyone complained about to support for encrypted Grumps. I added it, and now I'm the only one using it.
Shouldn't "single sign on" mean you only have to log in once for a given login provider?
Ever since I changed the password on my work computer, it's been giving me keychain issues. I created a new keychain, synced the password with my login password, and it still struggles to do things right. For example, all the passwords I save in Chrome get dropped into some void, and none of my logins persist between sessions, regardless of whether I've told the site to keep me logged in for n days.
This meeting.
Yesterday felt much more like a Friday than today.
"" - Error Message, August, 8, 2017
Poorly planned parking garage cleaning that is 2 days behind schedule and has required me to move my car at the asscrack of dawn every morning they don't have their shit together.
Nokia has destroyed my historic data with their conversion from Withings to Nokia Health.
"Too many open files." - Thanks, Apple. I didn't need to do any work this morning.
I forgot that I brought my lunch yesterday and left it on the desk in my office. This morning, I forgot to bring lunch, or breakfast.
Data without unique identifiers shouldn't be allowed.
I just ate an entire roll of grape Mentos by myself.
I overslept again this morning.