Subutei's Grumps


When doing a good job results in punishment via the form of more work.

It's incredibly difficult to get things done when various people stop at your desk every 15 minutes seemingly with the sole intent of side tracking you.

The word orthogonal and its rampant misuse here.

July 4th.

Executive "leadership."

Being told to log a grump with an impossible deadline.

I hate slack. Slack does not adequately convey the look I give when I want someone to just go away. Is there an emoji for "your message to me is bad, and you are bad too."

It's monday morning. Before I even got to my desk I had 7 different people pinging me needing things right now. All but one due to poor planning.

I hate everything.

Having to ask multiple times over several weeks that something important be done.

When you get handed an audit for your birthday.

I hate when something is painfully obvious to me and others around me, but one person just. doesn't. get. it.

Everything is priority one, until it isn't, and then it is.

Notes. Verse.

When someone starts a conversations with, "I’m about to throw you in front of another bus."

Can we have an update on the meeting to meet about updating the meeting update?

While you can never have too much cowbell, I think it is possible to have too much PM.

When you nudge someone to do a thing, but they don't get that they're being nudged.

When basic troubleshooting is not performed or documented.

Doing what someone else is too lazy to do.

My computer has been acting wonky all morning long. After copious amounts of troubleshooting and reboots, I discovered the Windows key was stuck in the down position.

When the completion of non-priorities is made super extra double special critical and actual priorities have to be dropped...just to return as mega priorities.

I left my headphones at home. This makes it harder to make it obvious that I don't want to talk to you.

I grump when I have my headphones on, am obviously working, and someone shows up wanting to have a meeting with me right now.

I've answered the same question four times today.

When tools fail to perform the only reason for their existance.