Skudd's Grumps

It annoys me how big companies use less formal message text, like instead of "Please wait while we verify your ID", things like "Hold on a sec, we're checking out your ID" are used.

Turns out there's nothing wrong with the adapters.

Bought new USB-C to HDMI adapters. They don't work.

Getting scheduled for a 5:00 meeting.

New Macbook setup.

Technical debt.

I feel Grumpy™ today for no good reason.

Fusion 360 demands on keeping me awake while I wait for it to update and save this one assembly model.

Everyone has been getting the illness that's going around.

Warning: Tim _IS NOT_ grumpy today.

Warning: Tim is very grumpy today.

The day-after-shaving feeling.

Broken HVAC at the office. It's constantly making sounds like it's trying to start and failing.

The general "blah" feeling I've had all day.

Theo's dashboard isn't pulling the latest Grump.

[tim@shazbox ~]$ qpaeq 
There was an error importing needed libraries
Make sure you have qt5 and dbus-python installed
The error that occured was:
No module named 'PyQt5'
[tim@shazbox ~]$ pacman -Ss python-pyqt5
extra/pyqt5-common 5.11.3-2 [installed]
Common PyQt files shared between python-pyqt5 and python2-pyqt5
extra/python-pyqt5 5.11.3-2 [installed]
A set of Python 3.x bindings for the Qt5 toolkit
[tim@shazbox ~]$

This stupid ORM I'm playing with isn't working right, at all.

Getting emails that have my actual password in them, saying that I've been hacked. Fortunately, the most recent is a no-longer-used password.

Nerve pain.

5 boxes on the front porch. 2 were sprayed by a tomcat somewhere along the line.

I have been sick for the last few days. Today is the first day I've been able to get off of the couch since Tuesday evening.

Getting sick.


I have been too busy to Grump all week.

My afternoon calendar for work.

Jr was sleeping in our bed last night. He flails in his sleep. He sleeps right next to me. That means I get swatted in the face all night. Last night was one of those nights.

I don't know what shoe width I need. M or W?


Jr needs to take a nap but won't.


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