Skudd's Grumps

Someone was parking in my space this morning.

People who respond to a question with "co-rekt"

People who end every sentence with "okay?" or "right?"

That feeling like something is under your thumbnail when there's actually nothing there.

Inconsistency in log timestamp formats.

The check engine light is off now, but the code is still registered as an active fault. Also, I can't get the evap test to complete until the car cools down to ambient air temperature, then I have to do a very specific thing to get it to complete.

I just drove about 200 miles to try to get the evaporator system test to complete. It didn't. Instead, the check engine light came on with the same dang code as before. P0420.

Bad hair day.

Even though I have washed my hands a few times and showered since I cut that onion last night, my hands still smell like onion.

Ugh, CVS. You fucked up my last order and gave me so much Humira that I don't need any more until May. STOP CALLING ME TO TELL ME TO REFILL.

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Here come the Grumps.

I use the actual click feature of my Mac input devices instead of the tap feature.

The impending irrational Grumpiness that's likely to hit at 1:00pm.

It's Saturday and I'm wide awake at 6:30am

I told the Keurig machine to give me 2 different 4oz brews. I got a total of 6oz of coffee.


Going to dinner, my back was fine. At dinner, my back was fine. On the drive home, my back was fine. When we got home, my back was not fine.

Someone is not answering their cell phone and it keeps ringing.

The persistence of people not making sure that the toilet flushes completely.

I have about 100 unread emails since Friday.

It is entirely too Monday for this.

I just broke my best fidget spinner.

All these emails I get that appear to be either from someone I know or one of their friends who was CC'ed on a message that are not actually from that person.

Git history being all out of sync.

I hate PowerPoint in the first place, but when people are presenting in edit mode, it REALLY irritates me.

I am having some sort of allergic reaction all of a sudden. The backs of my hands are breaking out in a super itchy rash, my face is itching, and my feet are itching.

It was extremely difficult for me to get out of bed this morning.

Robodialer: "Hello? Hey, this is Tom with the healthcare enrollment program. You had some questions..."


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