Skudd's Grumps

OBIEE's report generating format.

People not pronouncing "UUID" and "GUID".

People pronouncing "UUID" and "GUID".

I am entirely too tired to be doing anything of importance today.

Everyone on the road this morning was being an ass.

It might just be condensation, but there is water coming out of the AC vent in the bathroom.

Ass stains on the toilet seat.

I just attempted to clean the house a little, doing some very low impact stuff (sorting mail) for about 10 minutes, and now it is almost impossible to walk.

Somehow I scratched the face of my new watch already.

As much as PowerPoint is used in this company, it amazes me how much everyone struggles with using PowerPoint.

I unsubscribed from HBR emails months ago. I just got another email from them.

I was about 2 minutes late to a massive wreck on my way in. I got caught in traffic and tried to exit the ramp that was right next to me, but every time I threw my turn signal on, people decided to close the gap and not let me over. On top of all of that, I was approaching bingo on fuel.

My eye is still twitching.

Slack keeps falling offline.

Followed the cooking directions on my lasagna, it came out somewhat burned and the noodles were tough. Trying to eat it, my plastic fork broke into several little pieces that got lost in the pasta. Now I need to go find an alternate lunch.

The muscles below my neck on my back are really tense and hurt.

My right eye has been twitching all morning.

It's been a while since I had a full system update because ffmpeg2.8 was breaking things. Turns out, all I needed to do was remove that package. Now I'm waiting on the 916MB worth of packages to download to get up to date again.

My shoulder and back have been very sore today, but I don't have any Celebrex at the office.

I have a stye on the lower lid of my right eye.

My left shoulder really hurts.

Houston Metro seems to think that shutting down lanes on all 3 southbound streets towards 59S and the associated HOV is a good idea.

People who use 'n' instead of '&'. ESPECIALLY in business things.

"Comedy" is typically just insults or other deprecation of others.

"Slack is trying to connect."

I have now had three different people comment on how unhappy I look today.

The NIC in this laptop keeps going on early weekend.

I broke my glasses last night. Now they're taped.

I'm not sure if I'm tired or dizzy.

Someone on the other side of the office just started a conference call on speaker phone. It's loud enough that I can hear it plainly in my office.

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