Skudd's Grumps

I never dreamed there would be a day that I would prefer Monday over Friday.

...and they didn't wash their hands.

Again. I needed the handicapped stall and someone is in there.

People using the handicap accessible stall when they don't need it.

Wild goose chases.

I'm tired of pain limiting me.

I can't understand spoken words this morning.

When restaurants change their menu and remove the healthier, more popular items.

When restaurants don't have the full menu on the board.


For whatever reason, I don't have a voice on webex.


My foot really hurts.

Something changed the power settings on my laptop.

I want a PB&J.

When people hang up while I'm talking.

Why can't we get the audio level for these broadcast meetings set reasonably?

It's too early for a headache.

Everything hurts.

X-Plane 10 keeps crashing on me, every time I do something other than a simple KHOU to KAUS flight. Even then, it's flaky.


My mustache keeps getting caught in the pull tab on this Red Bull can.

"Temporary" code that becomes permanent.

I am so tired that I just want to stop thinking about work and sleep.

I just realized that I don't have my driver's license in my wallet.

Random violent sneezing.

My current headset is super flaky. It's a good thing I ordered a new one.

People who end everything on the internet with "lol".

With the rise of the internet, people have changed the definition of "ewe" to be a statement of disgust. Search engines have accommodated this, and now if you search for anything with that word, it's all "ewww" stuff.

I am tired. I hurt. I am frustrated with everything.

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