Skudd's Grumps

Missed deadlines.

When HR systems have a search feature, but they deprioritize a manager's direct reports in the search results.

I just want to wake up in the morning and not be in a ton of pain.

Random hang-up callers at 11pm.

Clipping my thumbnails.


I just discovered ANOTHER WART on the OPPOSITE FOOT.

Day 7 with this back pain.

My cost for the MRI I need Tuesday evening is nearly $1500.

Work continues to happen after 5:00pm on a Friday.

When people present a PowerPoint thing in edit mode.

I can't narrow down what is making me grumpy.

I want to actually do something, but everything hurts.

All TV is garbage.

I am Grumpy at everyone and everything.

Due to my insurance, I am unable to schedule an MRI until Tuesday.

I hurt as much as I did yesterday.

At the beginning of the day, I didn't hurt much if I stayed flat on my back. Now, nothing is keeping the pain under control.

Just learned that a co-worker died in a boating accident. He jumped in to save his daughter, who fell out of a tube being pulled behind a boat, but got overtaken by the rough water.

Jr was hogging so much of the bed that it pushed Emily to oçcupy my side and nearly push me out of the bed.

Headache from wearing old glasses earlier.

Jr wants to be all up in my space.

Google maps.

And now, I think I have a cruciate ligament issue.

Rural night driving on a busy road in deer territory.

My shoulder hurts, deep in the joint. I hope I did blow it out again somehow.

Pushy people at the waffle bar, keeping me from making my kid a waffle.

Political anecdotes and analogies in a work setting.

I don't have enough awake for this call.

No Red Bull in the break room.