Skudd's Grumps

More vaguely documented libraries.

I was too busy on my vacation to keep up with anything in the world of the internet.

People using the left shoulder as an express lane.

Undocumented, undersupported, "common" data formats.

People taking trailers through the drive through.


"Oh yeah! Hudred percent!"

Someone in this restroom keeps shouting loudly when the hand dryer.

72 hours on the road with a 3 year old who was really quite well behaved for the bulk of the trip only means that he was bottling all that crazy up inside for when we reached our destination.

So much for trying to leave early.

IBM Notes.

"Fits and giggles"

Trying to type "it" and typing "tit" instead.

I can't even go to a doctor appointment without dealing with work drama.

RoyalTSX keeps hanging.

I can't brain.

I never dreamed there would be a day that I would prefer Monday over Friday.

...and they didn't wash their hands.

Again. I needed the handicapped stall and someone is in there.

People using the handicap accessible stall when they don't need it.

Wild goose chases.

I'm tired of pain limiting me.

I can't understand spoken words this morning.

When restaurants change their menu and remove the healthier, more popular items.

When restaurants don't have the full menu on the board.


For whatever reason, I don't have a voice on webex.


My foot really hurts.

Something changed the power settings on my laptop.

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