Skudd's Grumps

My shoulders really hurt.

Apprehension for the day being like the last 15.

Why is everyone driving like a completely ignorant jerk this week?

I think I'm about to have a nose bleed.

The nurse calling people back is prefixing each name with "for", such as "For John Doe?"

I am getting really tired of this transient aphasia stuff. (It just took me several tries to spell those last two words)

My car smells like it has a coolant leak.

The server I have running on my desk is making a weird noise.

I tried to open Notes. It failed, so I did the "Reset IBM Notes" in the Mac@IBM app. It said "Your password expired, do you want to change it?", so I did. 5 minutes later it asked again. I gave it the same password, but it said "you already used that one, pick a new one". I've tried 3 different times now and it keeps looping in this same fashion.

I somehow managed to wreck my back today.

There are spammers on this site now.

Jr won't settle down for bed.

Paypal has changed their button infrastructure in such a way that it breaks existing things.

A recent Thunderbird upgrade broke my local profile.

I keep getting signed out of WebEx.

I had to validate the working nature of my ABS this morning, twice, on the freeway.

Oracle is killing Dyn. Domain registrations are moving to

I don't need a 256 shades of gray response; give me black or white.

I can't Monday.

Somehow I managed to get fiberglass all over the back of my hands.

Inability to get a good night of sleep.

My back hurts. My brain isn't working again. I'm tired. And I'm overall exhausted from cooking this bird all day.

Waking up on a day off to the sound of a 4 year old shouting "ACHOO" at the top of his lungs in the other room.

I am getting really tired of this aphasia. I am struggling to spell words that I know that I know very well.

Looks like Amazon is going to run all the parts departments aground. I found the part I needed on there for about $5 less than the dealership said they would charge me for it. Also, dealership said 6-8 days delivery, Amazon guaranteed Friday.

Nope, never buying another Mitsubishi again.

I have been on hold for 27 minutes.

Waiting on hold for the Mitsubishi parts department.


A friend just told me "everytime i talk to u ur like even more stressed".