Skudd's Grumps

The things say it's Friday, but it feels like Monday.

Conference calls. Because normally there are 2 or 3 people that dominate the call. Not allowing anyone else to speak.

I showered yesterday, but not today. I feel like it's been a week since I last showered.

I hurt. A lot. All over.

My foot really hurts.

When people pronounce the 'l' in "solder".



The gif is too big! -->

Password change day.

Jr. refuses to wipe his own nose.

I don't want to be awake right now.


There was a dead snake in the driveway today. I had to take care of it when I got home. When I opened the garbage can to put it in, I got a hand full of grease, presumably from a hinge on the garbage truck.

Theo didn't ask for help resetting his password, so he created another GrumpLog account.

Not enough people are using GrumpLog!

When you're in traffic and need to switch lanes, you turn your turn signal on, and the car that was just barely blocking you from moving into that other lane closes the gap completely. Then, the car behind them does the same thing. And this repeats for 5 or 6 cars. After you finally get over, ALL OF THOSE CARS switch into the gaping space you left in the previous lane.

The way NPR uses the phrase, "Sensitive Language". Um, what? The language has feelings?

People in Houston don't know how to drive when the road is wet.

The "Pandas" library for Python.

Yet another day of 500 things to do all at the same time.

Thanks, Slack, for always reloading when I'm in the middle of reading something.

I thought I grabbed a Dr Pepper, but instead I grabbed a Coke.

I suddenly have a MASSIVE headache.

Yet another impromptu meeting.

My breakfast and coffee are cold because I got pulled into an impromptu meeting.

Weather Underground told me it was in the upper 60's this morning, so I just went outside sans jacket/coat. I quickly realized it wasn't that warm. When I got in the car, it said it was in the 50's in the garage. As I went down the route to work, the temperature was more accurately reflected as 41.

Anti anti Grump: I got sick.

The hold music at CVS.

Anti-Grump: I'm not getting sick. It was just an allergy response to something.

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