Skudd's Grumps

People who spell the precursor to thunder as "lightening".

The default Notes new mail sound.

I was saving my piece of pie for this afternoon when I know I will be super Grumpy. I'm eating it now.

It's too cold outside.

Humira shots.

OS update kept failing due to a dependency issue. Decided to run pacman -Syu --nodeps --noconfirm and pray for the best. I rolled high on this one: It worked.

Being told it's time for bi-focals.

Deep male voices at the window.


The word "read". When used in a statement like "Read it again", does it mean "I have read it again" or "Go read it again"?

Somehow my router got hacked. Language was set to Korean and my password was failing.

We have beggar's lice in our yard.

I am overwhelmed.

Registration is fixed, but not without bugs. Go easy on it.

I just discovered why we haven't had any new users here: The registration function isn't implemented. I'll get that done tonight, hopefully.

Fire Drills.

Having to tell other teams how to do their job.

Child safety seats.

Here come the post-Humira Grumps.

Redirect loops.

I just sent out emails to people who haven't Grumped in 6 months or more and another to people who have registered here without ever posting a Grump ever.

I'm not sure if I took a dose of DayQuil already. I just took another dose anyhow.

I often struggle with understanding that when I'm in a group chat with n other people, the total participant count should be n + 1.

Ugh, allergies, still.

There's some sort of work going on in the crawlspace below my office with a hammer drill.

I'm suddenly typing out everything as a rhyme. For this, nobody has the time!

I woke up this morning with a bunch of phlegm in the back of my throat. I thought I was doing okay after I cleared it, but then I went outside. Now my eyes are super irritated and my throat is sore feeling.

I just randomly tapped out the beat to "Makin' bacon pancakes" on my desk.

The allergies got me.

Rib pain.

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