Skudd's Grumps

I've been too busy to Grump this week.

Being blindly added to a bunch of internal employee communities that I have no part in.

The guard is standing in the lobby doorway, smoking a cigarette. Not 10 yards away is a no smoking sign, reinforcing Houston's city ordinance that says no smoking within 25 feet of an entrance.

Password change day.

It's Monday.

This sales pitch for a thing that my people have all gone through and found that it's not as advertised.

I love it when people schedule meetings but provide no info on where to dial, etc.

This can of Dr Pepper lacks flavor.

The expectation that team members have to be in the same office as you. What is this, 1990?

I put gas in my car this morning. Now my hand smells like diesel. I did not put diesel in my car though.

Trendy new companies.

White people trying to pronounce west Asian names.

I suddenly feel very angry. I don't want to do ANYTHING.

I'm starting to think that I did blow a disc over the weekend. If I lay down, I'm fine. If I go upright to sit or stand, I have an excruciating pain in my lumbar spine. If I lean forward, the pain radiates into my sacroiliac joints and hips.

People ignoring the CI build failures.


Fire alarm testing.

I'm drowning.

How gross my keyboard looks after 8 months of use.


This sportscaster just called quotation marks parenthesis.

Waking up an hour earlier than needed only because you failed to read the email.

Mozilla has removed Google as an option in Thunderbird's search engine support.

EVERYTHING is pissing me off tonight.

Why do I have this tension between my shoulders already?

Having to work the holiday.

I just tried to post on nextdoor to tell my idiot neighbors to stop with the fireworks. It didn't post because my account is inactivated for some reason and I can't be bothered to try to unlock it at this late hour.

I am falling asleep at my desk.

I have a smell in my nose and taste in my mouth that is reminiscent of old soggy ash trays that have been left in the rain and sun for days.

As I typed up that last Grump, I kept thinking "Twitter == Trump".

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