Skudd's Grumps

I'm not sure if I'm tired or dizzy.

Someone on the other side of the office just started a conference call on speaker phone. It's loud enough that I can hear it plainly in my office.


I just spent the morning trying to sort out an expired SSL certificate solution for my personal VPN. It wasn't easy juggling it among all the work-related things I needed to be doing. Poor timing on the whole thing.

Jr just threw a huge tantrum when we took his daytime clothes off to put his pajamas on. Then he screamed and kicked when we put his pajamas on him. Then he threw more of a fit when Emily tried to nurse him. He finally calmed down after taking his water cup (immediately after refusing it) and Emily offered for him to nurse again.


Someone is parked in my space.


"Life hacks"

Someone sprayed Lysol in the office.

Windows' DNS resolver cache.

"Electricity Facts Labels" and their standardized complexity.

No, that's fine. I didn't need to do anything else today.

This Dr Pepper, while cold, is flat.

There were no cold Dr Peppers in the break room, so I had to get a Coke.

I have to work on a Sunday.

Why do I have so much trouble remembering when I did my last Humira dose, even when I use an app to track it?

I can't tell if my screen is dirty or if Windows is generating really low quality screenshots.

I am too tired to do anything.

Seriously, GO TO BED PEOPLE.

When people don't respect working versus non-working hours. HAVE AN EVENING, PEOPLE!

It took me ALL DAY to get this laptop boxed up and handed over for shipment. All I had to do was stuff it in a box, tape it shut, and give it to someone.

Everyone is Grumpy today.

Someone had fish for lunch in the office.

I just got handed a major work effort that's supposed to be done prior to 6/1.

Being out of the office for 3 days, even if one of those days was a full working day, always results in a veritable mountain of work waiting for me.

This office smells like Spam.

I'm tired because I've been sore. I'm Grumpy because I've been tired.

I spent the day working on 3 PowerPoint slides. What's sad is that I did them all in outline mode.

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