Skudd's Grumps

My lower back really hurts today. It's not the usual dull aches, but instead a sharp pain that starts at the spine and radiates outward.

And now my day is only half-booked.

My day has been booked solid with meetings in just a manner of minutes.

I apparently was over-hydrated last night. I was up every hour to use the restroom. No wonder I'm so tired today. Also, I think I was talking in my sleep last night.

I <3 4:00PM meetings.

I am so incredibly tired and I don't know why. Time for more coffee, I guess.

Multiple calendars with conflicting information.

Ugh, my lower retainer has popped loose again.

Someone stole my pen. >:(

Well that was a waste of my time. I could have had coffee by now.

When I email a group for some help with something specific, I expect them to respond to the email, not call me, not send me a Jabber message. RESPOND TO THE EMAIL.

Too not awake.

I hurt all over. I feel like I got run over by a bus. Also, Jr is teething.

Even though I tell Facebook often that I want to see the most recent things in my feed, it feels like it should ignore that option selection occasionally. Don't worry, GrumpLog won't do that.


Having used my GrumpLog browser tab for the captive portal signon at the hotel has caused Chrome to think that the icon for this site is the AT&T logo. Bleh.

Hotel WiFi.

Taking a drink from the soda can is easier if said can is open.

Trying to get used to this Mac. Certain things don't work like I'm used to, like ctrl+a to select all. Why does it have to be cmd+a?

Bathroom closed yet again

I slept like crap last night because I was hurting too much. Not an intense pain by any means, but a constant dull achey pain. I really don't want to be awake right now, but I have too much to get done today.

Too much food today, now I want to sleep.

I had a nice breakfast already and 4 cups of coffee, but I'm still hungry and not awake.

Bathrooms are closed again.

Even though a setting is made in cPanel's oh-so-wonderful config, certain things are still happening that are less than desirable.

So sleepy.

"I am calling from the computer technical department about your Windows computer "

Restroom closed for cleaning.

Technical Debt.

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