Skudd's Grumps

Even though a setting is made in cPanel's oh-so-wonderful config, certain things are still happening that are less than desirable.

So sleepy.

"I am calling from the computer technical department about your Windows computer "

Restroom closed for cleaning.

Technical Debt.

I have a facedesk-induced headache.

User registrations have tapered off. Why don't you go share this site with your Grumpy friends or co-workers?

Why did I use "Log" instead of "Grump" everywhere?

Robodialers that violate the National Do Not Call Registry.

Monday in my Tuesday? It's more likely than you think.

People who don't read email.

I'm not home yet.

I'm tired.

My knees are a wreck.

So much Monday.

Rebooting the wrong box for the wrong reason. 1.) Not the right database server. 2.) The problem was my local resolv.conf, not anything wrong with the server.


I refuse to get sick.

If you want different colors, design a new layout!

The server reload is taking too long. :(

Attempting to do an OS reload should not be this difficult.

My shoulders hurt. A lot.

The cigarette smoke smell at the office has been following me home. It must be in my hair.

DNS Caches.

The server this is on will be offline tomorrow for a while. I'll set up a temporary grump portal for you so that you can continue grumping.

Somehow Facebook thinks that some crappily drawn log is our logo. And I can't remove it from the post.

The end of Friday often feels like the beginning of Monday.

I can't be trusted with the administrative power of the GrumpLog.

My neck hurts.