Terms of Service

We give you a place to be grumpy. Isn't that enough?

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Our Commitment To You

  • GrumpLog will never share data that you don't already make public
  • GrumpLog will not expose any private data
  • By default, the most GrumpLog will publish from your content is:
    • The text and timestamp of any public Grump
    • Your username
    • A count of Grumps posted by hour over the last 24 hours
    • The text and timestamp of any private Grump when accessed via the "private share" URL
      • Private share URLs will never be exposed by GrumpLog staff - Only the user who posted the private Grump will distribute these URLs
    • Encrypted private Grumps will only ever be decrypted by the user who posted them
      • While the GrumLog staff *can* decrypt these posts, we vow never to use this ability

What We Expect From You

  • Abide by the [Acceptable Use Policy](/Docs/aup)
  • You will not harass any GrumpLog user
  • You will not use GrumpLog to distribute software, images, or other media
  • You will not use GrumpLog to conduct any illegal activities
  • Unless expressly authorized, you will not use another user's GrumpLog account for any purposes
  • Violation of any terms will result in the immediate suspension of your GrumpLog account
  • Repeated violation of any terms will result in suspension and blocking of your GrumpLog account

What Data Does GrumpLog Store?

  • Of your personal information, the following items are *stored* in the GrumpLog systems:
    • Your username
    • Your email address
    • Your hashed and salted password
      • By nature of this hashing, we are unable to know what your password even is
    • The key for your encrypted private Grumps
    • The text of any submitted Grump
      • If an encryption key is present, your private Grumps will be encrypted
      • Removal of the encryption key will result in private Grumps being decrypted, but no visibility change will occur
  • The timestamp of any Grump creation
  • Preference values