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Why do my legs feel like I ran a marathon last night?

Our microwave that we had for several years failed a few weeks ago. We replaced it with the same model, but that one just failed.

"Pray me home."

I am suddenly craving cheap ramen noodles, not the cup-o-noodles variety though.

I clearly need to drink this cup of coffee. I just attempted to set the cup on my trackpad thinking it was my coaster.

Why the <CENSORED> does the calculator keep opening new windows?!

I had my headset running on batteries today for some reason and failed to realize the battery level was dropping too low to keep operating.

“The G.O.A.T.”

I need to cough to break up this junk in my throat but my ribs are so incredibly sore and it hurts to do anything more than breathe.

I am so tired of being sick.

I just sneezed so hard that I bit my tongue.

I have 2 spots in my beard, right below my mouth, that the hairs have decided "nope" on the whole bit of coming out of my skin, making a U-turn and going back inside.

I have started to learn that I really dislike the feeling of cables laying on my leg, like from my keyboard or mouse.

Our microwave bit the dust the other day. The soonest we could get a replacement (keeping with the same brand/model) is tomorrow. It's been painful without one.

My outer left ear just started aching intensely for some reason. Like, the helix, the bigger part of the outer ear.

My hands smell like the tomato plants even though I have washed my hands multiple times since I touched them.

While I really enjoy a good storm, I hate how my body feels during and after it.

Jacob --> jay-cup

Tepid black coffee

Why is common sense so uncommon?

The only reason I haven't Grump'd in a while is because I couldn't log in from my laptop or phone. That's been fixed.

Why are nearly all showers in the country designed for people shorter than I am?

Even though I walked 40 miles last week and had no issue with it whatsoever, getting out of the van at the office this morning I somehow twisted my left hip and knee really bad.

"The social Security number you entered cannot be entered."

Even though I am marking things as read in Slack, every time I scroll the threads view and think I'm at the last message, it loads more messages and tells me I have even more unread.