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Electricity company didn't call me to let me know that my autopay wasn't set up and that I was two months delinquent. Caught it before they disconnected the power at least.

Email footer said "One click unsubscribe". I had to click a button on the page that it loaded, making it 2 clicks.


somebody broke into my shop and stole all my power tools.

I'm not awake enough to function yet, despite having 145mg of caffeine, a crapload of B2, B3, and B6.

I put too much awake in my morning.

I put too much yogurt in my smoothie.

Forgot to put my coffee in my coffee.

Anti-Grump: I finally got postfix and dovecot working with MySQL-defined users and domains, all vanilla out of the box.


Getting anything coordinated with anyone is an exercise in futility.

I haven't been able to get to the store in a while and now we're out of milk, which means I have to actually cook something for breakfast.

Bracing for another flood of "prayers to all the victims"

When people use the word "put" in place of "write".

I am bothered by the fact that when I play the inversion of a chord on the bass, it doesn't sound right.

I am so tired.

I kinda want to play WoW classic, but I don't want to pay for it.

Emergency work things late in the day because people declared them not emergencies during working hours.

Everything is stressing me out.

Thanks to COVID, Happy Monday is taking their business back to Chicago and discontinuing the monthly free home delivery of freshly roasted coffee. So I'm back to either trying to find some in local stores or ordering online and waiting two weeks for it to go from Chicago to Champaign and back to Bourbonnais.

Talking with my Brother in law about why the current crisis is not a conspiracy and that the government is too stupid to plan on trcking us via vaccinations... Fuck, I want to see my sister and she does not help with this bullshit.

Trying to find a dam swimsuit. I switched from one-piece to tankini style because I had such a hard time finding anything that wasn't made for a taller, thinner, larger chested person. Now I can get board-short style bottoms, but I still can't find any dam tops that fit right. If the bust fits, it's too tight in the torso. If the torso fits, the bust is saggy. So I'm stuck with buying a top that fits in the bust and makes my torso look like a lumpy, overstuffed sausage.

Somehow I cracked a toenail in the last few days and didn't realize it. It was clearly a rough break, as there was dried blood under it and on another part of the nail. Now though, I am feeling it a LOT. I want to pull the broken part off, but I know that will bleed and hurt like crazy, but I feel like it's necessary.

When I have my hand on the mouse, sometimes my fingers involuntarily press the buttons and I end up clicking on things I don't want to.

I really need to reboot my Macbook, but I have too much going on.