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Why do companies have products in their lists that they don't even let you see when you click on them because they're "Unavailable"? At least with GrumpLog, you can see the Grumps when either they're made public or when someone shares a private one with you. "Unavailable" isn't even in our code.

The SSL certificate for is invalid. I don't know why.

My phone updated and it broke everything.

My brain has shut down.

Now the replacement armrest on my chair is cracking open. And I feel every steel bar in the back. I am never buying another GTRacing chair again.

Minecraft is hanging now.

We had some sort of rodent in the pantry that chewed up a lot of stuff and made a mess. I can't tell if it was a mouse or if it was pantry moths. In either case though, yuck.

MSFS keeps crashing on me.

When Harry Potter haters refer to it as "Harry Pot Head"

I don't know how to do these problems. I need help.

Jr is whining about his math test.

There's an eyelash on my left eye that feels like it's perpendicular to the others, and it's really annoying.

MSFS has been crashing to the desktop for me lately. It's annoying. The first couple of times it was complaining about not enough virtual memory, despite having 36GB of RAM and an 8GB swap file. I embiggened my swap file, then it was giving me illegal access errors.


Windows decided it needed a reboot all on its own.

I have started to need my multifocal glasses again.

Finding out today that today is a work holiday.


Every time I have been about to nod off this afternoon, something has interrupted me.

Quest Diagnostics

I can't get my phone to stop telling me that the TOS have been updated. Everything says to sign out and back in, but I keep getting an error when I try to sign out.

Under the blanket: too warm. Out from under the blanket: too cold. I got about 3 hours of sleep last night.

"I mean," is not a complete sentence.

People generically referring to internet service as "wifi".

Shake that thing