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A big spider rappelling from the ceiling in our bedroom this morning.

I "woke up" this morning, still somewhat dreaming, and seeing/hearing rats all over the place.

I guess nobody wants to possibly sell me a car. As I was looking over the used inventory for a while, not a single person approached me.

This iced espresso was 2/3 ice.

I just ate a mini Reese's cup and got peanut butter on the corner of my thumb nail. I couldn't get it off without wiping with a napkin. I lost that delicious peanut butter to a napkin.

Over the weekend my arms got sunburned (two different occasions, uniform burning though). Today, they itch like crazy.

I am too tired to function today.

I just sneezed so hard my headset flew off.

I have a sudden craving for McDonald's French Fries.

This radio guy keeps saying "Mercedes Binz"

"A she-shad"

Slack has recently started notifying me of thread replies for all threads. Despite clicking the "Turn off notifications for replies" option, they still notify me. I hate it.

I had another dream that all my Grumps were posting as Jr’s.

I had a dream last night that I went to get some coffee from the Keurig, as I normally do, but it overflowed all over the place.

Massive and sudden arthritic flare in the ring finger on my right hand. Makes for difficult typing.

Worlds. Slowest. Drive. Through. And I am trapped in it.

Confirmed to be a failed monitor.

I think one of my monitors is failing hard.

I failed both Wordle and Worldle today.

I can't stop coughing!

Jr is coughing a lot instead of going to sleep.

I needed more coffee to realize I needed more coffee.

Memes are now videos longer than 30 seconds instead of static images or animated gifs.

iForgot the passcode for my iPhone.