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Parents: don’t let your kids have their electronic babysitters be so loud.

This headache.

People who can’t park properly.

It isn’t safe to drive in Houston during the week.

The CFA in the tunnel doesn't have CFA ice.

Traffic was stupid this morning.

The pinky finger on my right hand is a useless curled finger. It's starting to curl more as I age and is starting to get in the way of things. The most recent: Stray taps on the trackpad for work.

You know something isn't right when you see a roll of paper towels in the break room and get excited.

The "we can't automate that" mindset that so many people carry.

I forgot about the reflection from my office door. There's a lot more traffic on Memorial than I remember, and it's very distracting.

I just typed out an anagram of "this" by mistake.

My left wrist has joined the fascination party.

This cup of coffee tastes really burnt.

When people point in the air while singing.

Freakin cramp fasciculation syndrome. My hands were cramping up this evening pretty hard, and now my foot and lower leg are twitching like crazy.

I get the whole “digital babysitter” aspect, but please turn it down!

Someone signed me up for Simon & Schuster emails.


I just typed "year" as "yeer".

My spell checker on my work computer says "enablement" isn't a valid word.

Stamped metal products that need to be assembled.

Water main break under our driveway.

I had Spotify running on my work computer, my desktop, and my personal Laptop. I also apparently had a web player open. After practicing the songs for Sunday with my personal laptop, I went back to my work computer and tried to change the device to it, the "This Device" option. It wouldn't let me though and it said "Device unavailable". I think they've introduced device limits that weren't there before.

Google thinks my account is inactive because I've turned off all their data tracking/harvesting/personalization crap.