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Oprah never gave me anything more than a headache.

Sites that still use HTTP basic auth.

People need to learn from this pronunciation guide.

Somehow it's Q4 already.

I overslept and rolled out of bed and onto a management meeting.

I lost track of how many cups of coffee I had so far today.

Thinking that 2 hours was enough DND time for Slack.

Facebook broke everything. I can't snooze anyone. All the people I have unfollowed are now dominating my feed. None of my preferences are being respected in terms of who to show or not.

"with all the fixings"

The data I have been working on migrating is being done as disk images. I create a disk image file of the same size as the volumes on the zpool (rounded up to the nearest 5GB), format as ext4, mount, then rsync the files over on the Linux box locally to the mounted images. Then after I unmount them, from Windows I copy them over to the Drobo. The one problem I keep having though is that the images are coming up as too small, and I have to rebuild them all over again and start the process over. It's very time consuming. I'm starting to think I should have created a zpool on the zpool and just added more images to it as needed to satisfy the needs of the export. I'm doing all of this because for some reason, zfs won't let me replace a failing disk with a brand new disk.

Why can't I get my Drobo to mount on my Linux box? Instead, I have to use my Windows box as a go-between, wherein I have the Drobo mounted and the Linux box mounted, and I am making my file copies from Windows.

I have a zit on my nose where my glasses sit.

My right hand feels like I scraped the back of my knuckles, but I know I didn't.


Upside to being tired: Coffee. Downside to coffee: 💩

Work stress kept me awake past 2:00am this morning. My alarm went off at 7:30am.

I wish people would stop deflecting responsibility.

I have been sitting here, trying to figure out which of the 3 computers running is making the hard drive noise, then I realized: It's the security camera DVR thing. I'll probably need to pull that drive this weekend and make sure it's not failing.

But Mom, I don't want it to be password change day!

Comcast (or Xfinity, if you want to call them that) has been repeatedly interrupting my ability to work several days over the last week. They did give me a one-time credit for a multi-hour outage, but have not offered anything other than canned replies about how sorry they are and how I can use thousands of Xfinity Hotspots if I just view the map and sign in with my Xfinity credentials. No. This is unacceptable.

I slept horribly last night.

My Watch:Move!
Me: I'm pooping!


The internet went down AGAIN.