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The girl who did the VO for the ads on this radio station pronounces the short e sound as a short a instead. "Our samwiches are the BAST."

I can't find my calipers.

The SSL certificate is broken, I know. I'm trying to brain to fix it.

"in my tumm"

I just had a sudden, overwhelming sensation of the aroma of grilled hotdogs.

lueyfufu suggested that Trump should become a GrumpLog user.

sucking at passwords

I had to wake up

Brain fail.

My body doesn't like any weather conditions where the temperature drops below 50 degrees. Last night, I slept very poorly because of the aches that caused me to toss and turn all night.

A Mormon just reached out to me on Facebook.

Chalk dust gives me headaches.

People keep sending emails containing screenshots of things they want action taken against. Instead of being able to copy/paste the pertinent IDs or whatever, I have to manually type each one - typically a string of 12 digits - into another window.

First-of-the-year e-mail wasn't bad, but now I'm trying to get caught up on Slack, as are the 50 bajillion other people who use Slack, and it's going SOOOO SLOW.

The serpentine belt on my car just slipped off the pulleys for the second time in 2 weeks.

I'm spoiled by the warm climate here, so much that a 50 degree garage is cold.

I just crashed my plane for the third time tonight.

Cognitive failures.

Everything hurts.

Everything is stressing me out right now.

I just had an intense feeling like a snake going up my sleeve.

My video card sucks. If you want to donate to the better-video-card-for-skudd fund, click here. :)

Why do "Big and Tall" shops only cater to the "Big"?

My banana fell on the floor this morning. I tried to scrape off the floor-y bits, but I'm sure there were some still in there that ended up in my cereal.