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I can't FOCUS

"A plan for a plan"

I woke up thinking it was Friday.

The recent Spotify UI updates have caused great functionality breakage. I can't see the album listings for an artist without clicking through to each album. And I just discovered that my playlists are truncated at 51 songs. For example, the "Liked Songs" playlist. I can see the up to the 51st song, but beyond that is all the placeholder crap. I get Agile development and whatnot, but when you horridly break existing functionality to introduce a new UI, you're regressing, not progressing.

"Action" as a verb

Meetings to plan meetings

Trying to get my mouse pointer in the exact miniscule place to get the double-arrow icon so I can resize the window.

New GrumpLog feature. Now, when you share a link to a Grump on Facebook, Discord, or Twitter, it should provide the Grump text instead of the default meta content about the site. It even works for private Grumps!

DazeWorker is running 3-4 times slower right now than it typically does.

This morning when my alarm went off the first time, I was in the middle of one of the most restful and deepest sleep cycles I've had in weeks.

Project management via PowerPoint.

The SD card in my phone went read-only.

So much pain today. My left hand hurts like crazy and it's starting to move up my arm. So much to the point that I can't do anything with it other than type, and even that's starting to become very painful.

Sites that have a "keep me signed in" option on login, but that still time out the login despite confirming that option.

When all else fails, delete everything and start over.

That sleep deprived feeling. Don't want to do anything. Don't want to eat anything. Don't want to be awake. Don't want to sleep.

DazeMaker blew past the monthly bandwidth limit after 3 days.

There are not enough users registered to see the Grumps.

A kid can be a remote learner and still attend class/not be counted absent when under-the-weather. If a kid becomes an in-person learner, they are no longer permitted to attend remotely and not be counted absent, while still being able to attend remotely.

" NetBox is an IPAM tool" - so let's not use it as an IPAM tool

It took burnt_toast this long to register and Grump.

Joe is currently a blocker for Jill getting something done. PM Jack wants a date from Jill for when Joe is going to unblock things, as opposed to PM Jack engaging Joe for the date... because... PM

Counter Grump: cPanel has a fix for the document root. In WHM, tweak settings, set the "Restrict document roots to public_html" setting to "Off".

cPanel broke the SSL certificate for this site.

cPanel now forces subdomains to be in the ~/public_html directory. The primary issue with this is that they're not properly ignoring the .htaccess in the root domain and only paying attention to the subdomain's .htaccess (or lack thereof).