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I get so tired of shaming, regardless of whether it's of self or of others.

Sudden MFA.

I was just in the middle of writing an email and got logged out. I don't even know if it saved the draft. But now it's in a redirect loop.

Computers. Phones. Passwords.


I want to implement a feature in GrumpLog, but I'm worried it may clutter things, lead to abuse, and/or infringe on other products' protected features.

  1. If you're on a conference call, mute yourself when you're not talking.
  2. If you're the host of a conference call, it is your responsibility to make sure that all non-presenters are muted.
  3. If you work for a geographically dispersed company and everyone regularly uses the teleconference tools, they should all be well versed in using the host tools to control who has voice and who doesn't.

I have had no time to eat my breakfast or drink my coffee while they were hot, and now they're ice cold.

Google is utterly USELESS. I just searched for a couple of things, and it gave me only related things that were nothing at all what I was looking for.

Telemarketer called and interrupted a meeting. I hung up on him. He called back after the meeting and persisted when I told him I didn't have time for it. He said "please listen, this will only take 2 minutes". I said "no" repeatedly as I hung up. I'll not be answering my desk phone again today.

I use the :thumbsup: emoji in Slack a lot. It supports autocompletion, so for the longest time I got in the habit of just typing :th and hitting enter. Someone added the Chinese character for "thank you", which is registered as :th:, and thus broke my workflow. As I re-trained myself to use :thu, it became natural for me. In the last week or so though, someone added a stupid animated smiley with a thumbs up and registered it as :thu:. I now have to re-train myself, AGAIN.

I just tried to play Half-Life 2 and I got motion sickness.

I have to be careful about how I arrange the banana and two mandarins on my desk to avoid implied obscenity.

I'm freezing my baguettes off.

All the downtown cross streets are closed for the MLK day parade, leaving all the main routes clogged up. In addition, there are HPD cars at each intersection, but nobody is directing traffic.

Just knowing there will be snow this year.

I had to write this Facebook Post.

No, I had no need to do ANYTHING ELSE today.

Having to show up to work regularly to receive pocket change as a "paycheck".

was stuck in a f*(@#!$ elevator today for over an hour

Bug found: Editing an encrypted private grump causes the grump to get lost.

One of my guys is stuck in the elevator.



I managed to cut my finger somehow last night, and it really hurts today.