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I kicked into my pedal board, barefoot, and ripped up my pinky toe.

My computer just hard crashed and did a full power cycle, all on its own.

I'm sick. Stupid cold. I tried to sleep in, but my caffeine addiction woke me up.

An headache

Can people not talk over each other in meetings, please?

Why is composer angry about this composer.json?!

Jimmy Johns doesn't deliver to our house.

I got an unwich from Jimmy John's, and the wrapper is rolled up in the lettuce.


I am getting so incredibly tired of all these aphasic symptoms. Most of the time, it's related to my ability to read and write. Sometimes I can't process sounds (I can hear them, but they don't make sense). Other times I can't figure out how to do very simple tasks like open a door. The latest that seems to be plaguing me is my ability to process music. Being a musician, specifically a bassist, I hold my ability to hear the bass line in songs and be able to find it myself for whatever song I'm listening to and playing along with. Here recently, my ability to do that has vanished. No, it's not an inability to actually hear the sounds: it's an inability to put them together and make them fit. It comes and goes, though. It's not a consistent thing. And when it happens, it's incredibly frustrating and it makes me feel like I've been punched in the gut, in a sense.

Doctor's orders are no more cycling.

I want to sleep more.

My back is once again hurting. This has been going on for over a month. On top of that right after lunch my stomach goes rotten. I think I might be falling apart.

Too cold to go for a bike ride.

When a Clippy-style application assistant loads well before the application itself.

I’m tired and my brain is fried.

I think I overdid it on the bike yesterday. My left ankle is so angry that I feel like I need to brace it.

YouTube videos are having a LOT of trouble on both my work computer and my personal computer. The audio keeps going just fine, but the video stalls.

My tongue and cheeks are tingling because I am so stressed.

I don't want to be awake yet.

The person who has been revving their engine for the past 20 minutes.

Stupid food ads while I’m fasting.

Middle ear myoclonus is back.

I put entirely too much jelly on my PB&J. Is that really a problem though?