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Apparently I was clenching my teeth most of the night. My TMJ is so sore on both sides today.

Why do I feel like such a glutton when I eat the last of something from the original container it was in?

This middle ear myoclonus just got really intense. It felt like/sounded like a really loud rumble of thunder.

I am so tired that I could go back to bed and sleep until mid day tomorrow.

I have been too busy to Grump today.

A live wasp nest in the smoker

Those "Before you go..." popups when you click the back button on a webpage

Being forced onto the express toll road and having to pay $6 to go way out of my way.

Meetings before 8am.

Pidgin stopped working with Google Chat.

Something broke my working Anaconda3 environment that I use to run my DazeMaker worker.

I am about to throw this computer through the window. EVERYTHING is crashing. EVERYTHING is causing other things to crash

I've joined a lot of these online gaming communities because friends have encouraged me to do so. But in the last 6 months or so, everyone has either disappeared entirely or they have said they're done with it all.


I have no donut.

Outlook needs a feature that lets you mute a message thread so you don't get alerted of every reply-all that comes in.

Slack message search is utterly useless.

When people use speakerphone, especially in a public setting.

I don't want to be awake right now.

Something has been stealing the tomatoes off our garden. Very carefully. No signs of ripping the plants, no signs of cuts. No animal prints or droppings.

I suddenly have a craving for garlic bread.

I just REALLY CAREFULLY put a stamp on an envelope for Emily. It was crooked when I was done.

All these posts on Facebook saying that prayers aren’t enough for the latest school shooting. I’m about to unfriend the people who are posting such things, because I am a firm believer that God is bigger and more powerful than anyone or anything else. Also, I am a firm believer that prayer is one of the most powerful weapons we have against the world.

This all started when I swapped out my thermal paste for some fresh MX-5 I have not used and bought in November. My idles went from 25-35c to 55c to 65c. I took off my side panel to help with cookings then My glass front panel fell off and shattered. After all of that 2 of my fan blades broke on separate fans. After I replaced the fans I realized the fans I put in the front didn’t fit so I had to zip tie them. Now I have ordered a new side panel and my new thermal paste came in today. When I went to take off my CPU cooler the CPU cooler ripped the CPU out of the socket and broke a couple pins and bent the rest. And after all of that the guy I was buying my surron from canceled on me day before so now I I’m not getting my birthday present. This is the 3rd time I’ve been canceled on since beginning of April.

A big spider rappelling from the ceiling in our bedroom this morning.