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Why do my hands smell like I cut onions?


My eyes are so incredibly tired. I just want to go back to sleep.

This headache. I'm starting to wonder if it's my glasses. Tomorrow I'll try my others and see if that helps.

WebEx decided to turn on my camera and turn off my audio as defaults this morning.

We crossed the 10,000 Grumps line in mid November and I missed it.

When I try to highlight a single field and it highlights the whole freaking page instead.

My computer just locked up again.

Bean counters.

It's been a long week today.

I just found a small bit of broccoli between my gum and cheek. I haven't eaten broccoli in several days, and I have brushed my teeth.

My hands really hurt today.

The Pappa's BBQ on Smith street is no longer there. They had the best ribs out of any Pappa's location.

My phone constantly thinks that “in” should be “I’m”.

I just put on my left welding glove for the first time. The thumb is stitched closed.

Ants have started to bite me.

I have so much to do and yet do not want to do anything so I sit here feeling overwhelmed while accomplishing nothing.


I am about to purchase a "NO SOLICITATION" sign to put on the front door.

Audio processing failure imminent.


Why does everything have to be either a video or a PowerPoint presentation?

I have more trouble remembering state capitols than I do remembering their geographic neighbors.

I thought about making a new year resolution to not get so angry, but here we are on day 3 and this is the third day in a row I’ve become excessively angry and frustrated with things.

Every "support" community online is a bunch of useless, unhelpful, ignorant fools.