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I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed and grumpy today.

This hold music is interrupted every third measure by the standard "have your information handy" recording.

Christmas # kreez-moize

This presenter really loves saying "chunks"

I don't understand everyone's obsession with Texas sheet cake.

The pronunciation of "Hors d'oeuvre"

so-so se-curty

A GPU driver update broke my cryptomining. I had to roll back to an older driver to get it to work again.

Someone should inform the President that the word is not omni-cron.

The diceware phrase for the last private Grump I made was wholly xenophobic and inappropriate.

Video games are supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. They are all being pushed by their offering managers that the releases and updates are so far from good quality that the games suffer and cause the people who spend money on them to feel cheated and frustrated.

Star Citizen is a pile of dog poo.

Waking up before the sun is fully up due to a caffeine headache.

The Cessna 208 in MSFS 2020 is so broken after this last update, it's un-fly-able.

Dad won't let me play on my iPad until I clean up the living room.

I was going to give Jr his iPad, but the living room looked like Toy Story had vomited all over the place.

Dad won't let me play on my iPad.

I was snoring away in my chair, only for Jr to wake me up, asking to play on his iPad.

I am so incredibly tired of these stupid web applications that load a basic static page, then use JavaScript and async requests to load the relevant information on the page.

Go go Gadget Excedrin!

Festering ant bites on my lower left leg.

important # im-por-din

I was just looking at Jr's math schoolwork and saw "12 - 8 = ___". I had to think about it for a couple of minutes before I realized the answer.

My authentication cookie expired and I had to log in again.

Robinhood sent me an email to disclose that they had a security breach that has exposed my email address to the attacker. This means that I'll start seeing more spammy and scammy emails.