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People in tile rooms should be mandated to have acoustic baffling before attending any conference calls.


"This outfit is giving me total mom goals."

My hands really hurt this afternoon.

I need to remember to not chug a cup of coffee before a 90 minute meeting.

Having to argue with someone from Rover that I did not sign up for some sitting agreement for anyone.

I'm getting kinda tired of the 2020 fatalism.

Sinus infections.

Up is that way, right? -->

I am getting sick.

All my windows are on the right side monitor this morning. Nothing on the left.

All these dam Marvel and DC movies have made me completely lose all interest in any superhero stories for the rest of my life.

Yet another online training narrated by someone with an annoying speech habit. And no closed captioning available.

Perforated, "Tear Here" things never tear where they're supposed to.

This batch of Keurig Starbucks coffee is incredibly burnt tasting.

"...and I'm here to tell you..."

I had intended to take a shower during the noon hour, but instead had to listen to a call that was just two people arguing.

I just taught the garage garbage can lid how to fly.

The number of times I accidentally hit my top front teeth with the edge of a glass or cup when I'm getting ready to take a drink

I have lost my tweezers somewhere on my desk.

It doesn't matter how many times or how long I wash my hands. I can't get this smell of PB Blaster off of them.

The spelling of the word "likelihood".

I can't stop watching these Shapermint and L'Ange ad videos on Facebook.

Things like calling someone a mask nazi or saying, "Stop being such a Karen," are hurting your Christian witness and poorly representing Christians as a whole.

Dad won't let me go outside by myself.