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Even though I washed my hands multiple times and used a chunk of stainless steel as a bar of soap, my hands still smell like onions.

When phone menu system recordings say "our menu options have changed". Instead of saying that, say something like "please listen carefully to the options and make your selection".

FS19 AutoDrive is incredibly broken. I have a network established between a field, my farm, and two different sell points. It keeps saying it can't find a route, and I can't find anything that's broken anywhere.

My SI joints hurt so bad that moving to a sitting position is excruciatingly painful.

I also forgot to buy a turkey.

I forgot to take the turkey out of the freezer.

My sleep after the previous Grump was incredibly light and punctuated by moments of being awake.

I am incredibly tired, but I can't get back to sleep.


At bedtime last night I took my medicine as I always do. I went to lay down in bed, but this overwhelming bitterness started to hit me, and it was making me gag. I tried to swish with water to knock any stuck pills loose from my mouth, but it had no effect. I gagged more. Finally, I grabbed a Tums to chew on and hopefully knock something loose, which it did. The bitterness remained about another 30 minutes, and the adrenaline from it all for a couple hours. I didn't fall asleep until sometime well after 1am.

While I have my hair pulled back in a hair tie, I thought I had hair falling down over my face. Turns out, it's just my eyebrow.

I need to come up with better ideas for GrumpLog'ing while working from home.

When people pronounce the "ow" sound like "ahh", such as pronouncing the word out as ott.

I have Spotify running on my personal computer, my work computer, and it's installed on my work phone and my personal phone. All of a sudden just now, while I was listening to it from my work computer, it decided to start playing from my work phone.

This "10-15 minutes" has actually been 30 minutes at this point, and it doesn't feel like it's going to lighten up any time soon.

The way the song "Freeze Frame" always turns into the Duck Tales theme song in my head.

I opened a new bottle of coffee creamer this morning. I think it's gone sour already, even though the "use by" date is December 2nd.

The damn splintery skin that peels at the base of my thumbnails.

I started off having a pretty decent day, but it's really quickly going downhill.

Sardine spines look like worms.

When the 3d printer's power supply fan turns off, I think it's done when it actually isn't.

This meeting, so far, is just everyone listening to the host typing in a very echo-y room.

A simple yes/no question, and it's taking for-ev-er to get a response.

Jhaxyen - can nobody spell anymore, or are people just trying to get more of the weird letters into circulation?

Another wave of "OH 2020 IS SO HORRIBLE" since Sean Connery died.