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Whenever I am home alone, I forget that the thermostat will go into away mode unless I walk by it or otherwise change the settings. The result is that it gets too hot in the house which really makes my CFS disorder flare up.

I want to go back to sleep.

I forgot my keyboard and trackpad for my work computer this morning. They're sitting on my desk at home.

I just spent the last hour playing my bass. It's the first I've played in about 2 weeks, and to further complicate things, I was playing really hard. Take your guess on which of my hands suffered the most: My fretting hand (left) or my plucking hand (right).

I came here to Grump but the SSL certificate was expired. Now that it's fixed, I don't remember what I was going to Grump about!

My phone doesn't recognize my face today.

When someone says, "I'm OCD." You are obsessive compulsive disorder?

Trying to understand playing music on the up-beat.

Realizing I need to cut my fingernails because of how it feels when I type.

Why the heck does this plane keep dropping out of VNAV mode in MSFS?!

I hate the look of the new Add Grump form, but it's what I have to work with.

hierarchy # high-arky

Chirping/barking squirrels.

I have a headache.


It's too dang hot in here. When Emily and Jr are gone and I'm home alone, working, the thermostat thinks that nobody is home and goes into "away" mode. Since there are no vents or returns in my office here at the house, it gets swelteringly hot.

You know that your thumb nails are too long when you inadvertently keep hitting letter keys when you attempt to hit the space bar.

I'm about to fall asleep at my desk.

The form to enter Grumps is less mobile friendly than it used to be.

Stupid aphasia. It took me too long to break out of it.

Non-answer answers.

I'm finding myself out to be just a Grumpy old man. I get so annoyed by everyone and everything these days, and I just want to call them out.

I just spent 20 minutes to carefully lay out the sticker on my Yeti tumbler, making sure it would be centered over the embossed brand, and evenly spaced between the top of the embossment and the top of the lid. After I got the one side of the sticker put down and stuck in place, I pulled all the painter's tape away to reveal that it was NOT centered above the embossment, and that it was too far to the left.

Yay, Grump Map has been fixed. It only took updating everything for PHP 8.x.

Tall person problems: When T-shirts shrink over time, they shrink vertically, which causes them to expose my abdomen at varying degrees.