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I can't bring myself to look at any "news" sources today. Mostly because I don't want to have to add another section of drywall to my list of walls to repair. No, the other holes aren't from anger.

Everything is making me angry right now.

Friggin' SSL

I'm seriously struggling to stay awake right now.


"Must be nice."

National politics are now flooding my work email.

My bank will only let me see banking history going back 18 months.

Air conditioner at home is in a failure state. None of the stores around have any reasonable portable things, and the window units all have the wrong kind of plug.

So much for attempting to sleep in.

Facebook keeps giving me notifications for things I've already seen. They also give me notifications like "So and So replied to your comment - Just now", but if I click on it, it's for a reply that was posted hours prior that I have already seen.

I just watched someone use inline text line breaks to align text to the bottom of a shape in PowerPoint.

Google shopping keeps popping this tooltip up that I keep dismissing as they tell me to. I'm done using it because of that.

Daddy told me that I have to build Megatron out of my blocks instead of my math manipulatives.

Such Monday.

I keep typing "fucc" instead of "cuff"

"Swipe right"

My first meal of the day: Pretzel sticks.

Yet another spot on my desk that the veneer is starting to peel.

My antivirus decided something I had already whitelisted was suspect and is now scanning it.

When people use AirPods as their communication link for important work things. They sound like absolute garbage. Even if they're on an internet-based connection instead of the phone.

How did I drink my whole cup of coffee already?

My phone is complaining about my email login failing. Not how I wanted to wake up.

This newscaster keeps pronouncing government as guv-it.

Heavy JavaScript web applications.