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I am about to throw my computer through the nearest wood chipper.

This stupid nvidia crash has happened again.

When people park in the curbside spaces to go dine in.

My cup of coffee tastes very weak this morning.

When the bottom of your shoe squeaks down the side of your desk and sounds like flatulence...

I am getting so tired of all these nvlddmkm crashes. There's no sufficient detail to know what's happening, and the internet is totally saturated with all the same crap: Reinstall the drivers, reinstall the OS, try the card in a different system, etc.

BitBucket sucks for pull request reviews. The one thing that Crucible does infinitely better is showing the changes from previous commits, and allows you to quickly switch between them, and to only see the relevant changes. BitBucket assumes that any commit is a full change to the source tree, apparently, and on each commit it shows that all the files are unreviewed. Also, Crucible lets you easily see comments that were made on previous revisions, but BitBucket hides them completely unless you go to the overview for the PR, but then you lose your place in the PR tree.

I'm trying to post a thing on Bookface for the GrumpLog page, but it's failing.

My computer just locked up on me again.

I am too fried to even spell the words I need to use for Grumps.

Even though I used my beard oil, my beard is incredibly dry.

Why is it that the only thing really brings families together is funerals and weddings?

I keep thinking about Roy G. Biv.

"tator" tots

When you open a brand new bag of tortilla chips, only to find that the bag is so puffed with air and the chips are just crumbles at the bottom of the bag.

Stupid Facebook news feed algorithms.

I don't dislike the music I listen to all the time, but I'm getting bored with it.

If you need any cans of paint shaken, just strap them to my leg.

I broke my "no caffeine after noon" rule today because I'm so dang tired. I'm still tired, but I'm so incredibly jittery.

I swear, if I get ONE MORE SPAM CALL, I am teaching which ever phone it is how to fly at high indicated airspeeds.

It's entirely too morning.

It's too hot to go for a bike ride to blow off this anger.

I woke up to this server being down this morning and had to power cycle it.

I only hit the snooze button once this morning because I thought it was Thursday. Turns out, it's Wednesday.

The key of A major.