This all started when I swapped out my thermal paste for some fresh MX-5 I have not used and bought in November. My idles went from 25-35c to 55c to 65c. I took off my side panel to help with cookings then My glass front panel fell off and shattered. After all of that 2 of my fan blades broke on separate fans. After I replaced the fans I realized the fans I put in the front didn’t fit so I had to zip tie them. Now I have ordered a new side panel and my new thermal paste came in today. When I went to take off my CPU cooler the CPU cooler ripped the CPU out of the socket and broke a couple pins and bent the rest. And after all of that the guy I was buying my surron from canceled on me day before so now I I’m not getting my birthday present. This is the 3rd time I’ve been canceled on since beginning of April.