Emily's Grumps

November, 2021

I can't reset my password on GrumpLog and Grumps don't have date. :(

Someone but the milk in the door of my refrigerator. This is a gallon and it does not fit nor is it a safe place to keep milk.

May, 2021

Why is the iPad ringing when my iPhone rings?

August, 2020

Forgot to put my coffee in my coffee.

December, 2018

Thinking you are late for an appointment and then realizing you were in our early. 😩😡

May, 2018

Timothy defluffed his pillow.

March, 2018

My toe is hurting.

December, 2017

Emails being full 👾

March, 2017

Stupid websites

December, 2016

Tired was in the car too long chick fil a stops serving breakfast at 10:30

June, 2016

Husband forget the trash this morning and this week we only have one day of thrash pick up.

My head is hurting so bad.

May, 2016

Elections, crabby baby, baby not sleeping by himself because we are in a strang place, and pumping away

While my tracker says I got 8 hours last night it is totally lying. My baby was up teething half the night and this morning bit me :&

April, 2016

I have the hiccups.

Baby is not asleep and I am so tired. 😔

Timothy is teething.

March, 2016

I got kicked in the boob.

Burnt my arm doing dishes. -Emily

Poopy pant, stuffy nose,and mommy not playing with me -TJ