lueyfufu's Grumps

May, 2022

A big spider rappelling from the ceiling in our bedroom this morning.

This iced espresso was 2/3 ice.

April, 2022

This radio guy keeps saying "Mercedes Binz"

"A she-shad"

March, 2022

If I have to call a place back several times over the course of a week (or longer) before someone finally answers to schedule an appointment, I'm 95% less likely to even bother trying.

"Instapot" and "Pintrest"

vulnerable # vul-na-bull

February, 2022

false # faults

estimate # est-a-mint

The way English people pronounce "chocolate"

Every time I include anyone else on an order from Jimmy John's, it ends up taking a couple hours to get here or the order gets "lost" entirely. Today's order is already starting out to be no exception to that.

When I placed my Jimmy John's delivery order, I got a warning that orders will be delayed because of inclement weather. There is no inclement weather today.

I ground a little bit of cardamom seeds in the mortar & pestle this morning to add to my coffee grounds before I made my morning brew, but apparently the mortar & pestle was recently used to grind rosemary, because my coffee has tasting notes of Thanksgiving dinner.

January, 2022

Welp, time to be smug about the weather again.

When Harry Potter haters refer to it as "Harry Pot Head"

December, 2021

"I mean," is not a complete sentence.

Shake that thing

"play college ball"

"drive truck"



Christmas # kreez-moize

This presenter really loves saying "chunks"

I don't understand everyone's obsession with Texas sheet cake.

so-so se-curty

November, 2021

Someone should inform the President that the word is not omni-cron.

important # im-por-din

Tim can't eat lobster without getting ded.

When Deanna forgets how to log in.

October, 2021

"add in"