Skudd's Grumps

June, 2023

My brain is so absolutely fried from being outside nearly all morning.

I would have slept in much later than this, but I needed to pee and the lawn guy is working next door.

My hand smells like propane.

I woke up thinking it was Thursday.

Having to provide technical support to my team because helpdesk is worthless.

I hate it when you use pagination controls on a website, and when they take you to the next page, they drop you at the bottom of the page.

May, 2023

When an "accept cookies" button causes the entire page to reload.

My right hand hurts from bowling yesterday, and my bike ride has made it worse.

Seriously, why do all the links need to open a new tab?! It's like someone thought "oooh, target=_blank is a cool thing, I'll use that everywhere". It's just making a mess of my browser.

Just got a call from some local telemarketer wanting us to sell the house. I told her that we're not interested and to stop calling, and she tried to argue with me. I just hung up.

The adhesive left behind by an old bandaid.

I paused my music for this?!

Why does this have to be a video? I am getting NOTHING from it. It could have been a couple paragraphs of text instead.

I love it when I'm using an application and it automatically restarts to install updates.

When people don't go on mute when they're not talking on a WebEx call.

So incredibly run down feeling.

I had to reboot the server.

I was trying to type out the word "under" and I typed it out as "onder".

I just got a Slack notice about something, but before I had a chance to read it, the application self-reloaded multiple times and the notice went away.

When certain websites don't give you an easy way to change your password.

I have no new email since 3:42pm yesterday in my work email. I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

Meeting/video culture.

Why does every <censored> thing have to be done via a meeting?!

How many <censored>l times do I need to clear/dismiss the calendar alert for it to STOP NAGGING ME ABOUT IT?!

I am about to disable all the calendar alerts from my personal phone.

The way nasal spray causes taste perversion.

My SSL cert for my local dev server expired on Sunday. I don't want to have to mess with renewing it, but things aren't working right because of it, so I have to.

Compiling MongoDb takes for-ev-er.

The headache that follows pupil dilation.

I keep removing/disabling Deezer on my watch, but it keeps coming back.