Skudd's Grumps

August, 2020

I'm not awake enough to function yet, despite having 145mg of caffeine, a crapload of B2, B3, and B6.

I put too much awake in my morning.

Anti-Grump: I finally got postfix and dovecot working with MySQL-defined users and domains, all vanilla out of the box.


Getting anything coordinated with anyone is an exercise in futility.

July, 2020

I am bothered by the fact that when I play the inversion of a chord on the bass, it doesn't sound right.

I am so tired.

I kinda want to play WoW classic, but I don't want to pay for it.

Emergency work things late in the day because people declared them not emergencies during working hours.

Everything is stressing me out.

Somehow I cracked a toenail in the last few days and didn't realize it. It was clearly a rough break, as there was dried blood under it and on another part of the nail. Now though, I am feeling it a LOT. I want to pull the broken part off, but I know that will bleed and hurt like crazy, but I feel like it's necessary.

I really need to reboot my Macbook, but I have too much going on.

What has two thumbs and doesn't want to work today? This guy.

I am unable to sleep past 8am, regardless of how late I stay up.

The other night at dinner, Jr was talking right after he took a bite. I attempted to tell him to not do that, while I also had a mouth full of food, and I bit a large chunk out of the inside of my mouth right by my lower lip. It's really sore today.

June, 2020

I spent $10 on a video game that is just making me sick. Motion sickness. Why am I only now dealing with this in my life?

My body feels like I ran a Tough Mudder run, but I didn't.

All these people saying "we have news about coronavirus", but just use some extremely generalized terms about the current state of things, and say things about wearing a mask, social distancing, etc. Nothing they're giving is news. It's just "hey, there's a thing" when it's a thing everyone already knows about.

I went to the gas station down the street to get some bags of ice. The usual morning customer group was there, landscapers, construction workers, etc. About 20% of them were wearing masks, while 15% or so were not and were coughing openly in the store. As someone with an intentionally weakened immune system (medical treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis), this made me incredibly concerned for my well being, even though I was wearing a mask.

I have been trying to find answers to some specific golang questions to no avail. I posted on /r/golang with one of my specific questions then resumed searching. The reddit post I made is now in my search results.

Corporate software license purchase programs.

I keep feeling like I have crumbs on my shirt, but it's just my chest hair poking through. Bleh.

Totally random, out of the blue, anxiety attack.

May, 2020

I have been going on stop since 8am.

I only have about 50% hearing in my right ear today. Combine that with the constant ringing in my left ear that I've had for over a decade and I'm just a mess.

Strava is changing free things to paid things.

There are several things I want to do today, but just as I get started with any of them I get overwhelmed and give up.

How did I go from a 5 mile bike ride yesterday to being able to stand upright today?

I am not awake.

I have been "awake" since 3am.