Skudd's Grumps

November, 2023

I want to work in the garage instead of the BS at my computers. But since I’m sick, I can’t.

I’m tired of being sick and unable to do things. The weather has been great for being outside and there’s plenty for me to do. But being sick, I’ve opted to remain inside. We’re now in week 5 of this nonsense.

This tea isn't as good as the last box of tea, but Wal-suck didn't have the other one anymore.

Spreadsheet culture.

Also, when you build a form for user interaction, don't make the text labels or form field fonts a muted color. It makes it appear as though they're disabled.

And balloon alerts/toasts/tooltips SHOULD NOT BE PART OF THE TAB GROUPING. There is not reason for my cursor focus to go to those, especially WHEN THEY ARE HIDDEN. I would call this poor UX design and implementation, but no thought has been put into that aspect of this whatsoever.

And in what world is not allowing a password to be pasted into a field a reasonable thing?! We live in a world of password managers and people not knowing their passwords. This is stupid!

In what world do MAXIMUM PASSWORD LENGTH rules make sense?!

Useless documentation.

Why am I so incredibly tired all of a sudden?!

How many browser pages does the Acrobat Reader install have to open?

Ugh, day 2 of waking up in the 5:00 hour for no reason whatsoever.

I woke up at 5:30am for no reason whatsoever.

The last 5 sites I went to that started with "at" in the domain name were for medical reasons. Why in the livin' heck did Chrome think that this time I wanted to see AT&T?

Why is it so incredibly complicated to work with PDFs in C#?!

This cup of coffee tastes burnt.

I'm losing my voice AGAIN and I feel like crap.

Yet again, Slack is broken. I can't cmd+k to switch unless I cmd+r to reload it first.

Chair roller mats.

Things only an adult would say: My favorite plunger broke.

A new level of Grumpiness: I'm starting new rounds of games at the very beginning, despite how far I've reached higher levels because I want simple and fun, not hard work.

Slack is all sorts of broken today. I can't use the cmd+k or cmd+g features.

I barely slept last night. I took the day off from work so I could sleep and recover. I haven't been able to sleep now, even with a dose of NyQuil. I'm bored, I'm tired, and I'm easily frustrated.

Went to the doctor because I lost my voice last week and still don't have it back. I just got a phone call from a healthcare survey company to see how my appointment went. I still don't have a voice.

I'm just sitting here, typing out messages for work things, and my watch suddenly said "Way to go! Move alert cleared!"
Glad to know the bar is set so low now.

October, 2023

Websites that auto-play video content when the page loads.

Something in the garbage this morning smelled like rotting potatoes. I took the garbage out, but I've had that smell stuck in my nose ever since.

Packaging that says "Tear along perforations" that doesn't actually cleanly tear along that.

I just bit down weird on a very crunchy french fry in a way that caused part of it to go between my two upper front teeth.

Password change day.