Skudd's Grumps

June, 2021

I'm not sure if Texas Storm Chasers are creating clickbait, if they're ignorant, or if something changed in what qualifies as a tornado. They posted a thing on Facebook about a "Tornado Intercept", and it was just a very well defined supercell with a couple FUNNEL CLOUDS that did not touch down. At the closing screen montage, they showed tornado touchdowns from other storms not in that same area.

Oak Jawen


Large scale project management via multiple Excel spreadsheets? GREAT IDEA!

Peppermint oil in the coffee helps cut down on acid reflux. It also feels good on a sore throat. However, choking on it does not.

HR Buzzwords

I got a new office chair last November. I've already had to replace 2 major parts of it under the warranty. Now, I can't move in the chair without it creaking loudly from the hinges for the back.

May, 2021

cPanel broke the site's SSL certificate AGAIN.

My iced coffee tasted like it was made in the tea machine.

I hurt too much to even use my left arm or hand for anything.

My Facebook feed is nothing but reposts, memes, and advertisements.

Why does my coffee cup keep sticking to this napkin?!

I am so angry right now that I had to turn music off.

Now my macbook is being stupidly slow and unresponsive.

I am getting so incredibly tired of all the "Flat Earth" crap going on in society. Anyone who has ever been on an airplane, or has watched the news, or has dealt with aligning a satellite dish knows that the earth is spherical, not flat.


Door to door salesmen.

I sent a Slack message earlier that was kinda long, and when I did, it said it was edited. I didn't edit it. It was a new message.

Either by way of getting yesterday's data from the router or fixing a defect in my math in the code, I discovered that we're going to probably be paying Comcast overages again this month.


I just wanted to take some of my B complex, but the pills have turned a weird shade of orange with black specks in them. Is this normal? Is it safe? It's too much for me to deal with right now.

I keep trying to type out capital numbers.

I just tried to pour coffee creamer on my raisin bran. Then after I put the creamer in the coffee properly, I almost poured milk in the coffee instead of on the cereal.

Why do they call it "single sign on" if I have to authenticate with every new page or site that uses it?

The second time in as many working days, my Macbook had to be power cycled. I think an OS reinstall is in my nearish future.

April, 2021

On the way home from my dentist appointment, a roll bed truck (the kind that hauls those big dumpsters) decided he needed to pull in front of me on the beltway, even though his lane was wide open. As soon as he did, a lug nut flew off his wheel and hit the windshield, right in the middle of my line of view.

The way everything tastes after having your mouth numbed for dental work.

I got a YouTube notification on my phone. I opened it. It was a link to an advertisement. No mention of the notification content anywhere.

"Strongly encouraged" is just another way of saying "mandatory"

NRG (through TicketMaster) keeps sending me promotional emails despite having opted out multiple times.