Skudd's Grumps

February, 2024

I want to eat bacon right now.

I need more coffee.

Who doesn't love a good sinus headache?

Password change day.

I didn't get any coffee this morning, which probably plays a part in the headache.

I have a massive headache from driving for 3 hours yesterday and again today.

Even though I showered when we got home from camping and washed my hair and beard twice, and washed it twice in the shower just now, it still smells like wood smoke.

If you're building a website that has buttons for actions, make the ENTIRE BUTTON the clickable region, not just the text on it.

I want to comment on a Facebook post, but it will break my decision to abandon posting, reacting, and post on there.

Words are hard.

I had a `conda env create` running overnight last night. It took a very long time to finish. But then this morning I failed to realize that it was on a bind mount, then I tried to `rm` it and ultimately caused all that I had installed to be nuked.


One of these days, I need to figure out when the most Grumpy'est day was. Not just for a single user, but for all users.

I have received 3 such notices from Facebook today. "We removed your content", then when I go to check on the details they can't even show me what was removed.

Facebook keeps telling me they are deleting my posts because they violate rules. I'm getting sick of this.

Today feels like Thursday but it’s not.

City traffic, especially when there’s an accident.

I'm feeling entirely too overwhelmed to do anything right now.

How is it not even 4:00 yet?!

Is there something broken with GrumpLog? Do you want some behavior to change? Do you want some new feature? Go Grump about it! (Just make sure it's a public Grump, please)

Spammer Facebook profiles trying to connect with me.

Stupid aphasia.

Having to repeatedly hide the "Now Playing" view on Spotify because the album art for certain things is NSFW.

The smell of CA glue.

Stupid fasciculations. My left foot is pulsating like crazy.

When tea bags leak leaves into the tea.

My morning has been too busy for me to get more than a second cup of coffee.

I just typed the word "foreword" in Word and it called it wrong, but the suggested correction was "foreword".

I'm to that point with my beard that I have split ends again.

After I put the creamer in my coffee, I put the pack of paper towels away (which was a puzzle/challenge in and of itself). Afterwards, I didn't remember that I had already put creamer in my coffee so I put more in it. Now I realize that I had double-creamer'd it, and it's way too sweet.