Skudd's Grumps

"My Logs" is more consistent with the "Latest public Grumps". Also fixed a rendering bug.

Jeez, that took a bit. Usernames are supported now. Click "Logged in as ..." then "Edit Profile". Grump about anything that doesn't work though or send me a message on Facebook.

Traffic. Also the light sequence at 610 and Woodway

I need to start using a version control system and a project management system. Ugh.

Lots of feature requests that I'm considering, some partially implemented. Then there's that dumb issue with logins expiring.

I told Notes that I wanted to use the OS-configured browser instead of the built-in IE-based browser. So why does clicking a link in the help documents open IE in a new window?

Why does voting have to be so difficult? Like, the process itself isn't bad, but figuring out who is who and what they are for is near impossible.

I need to implement usernames. Bleh.

"This is gonna be bigger than duckface."

URL redirection isn't working as I had hoped. I'll keep working on it though, as I'm able to brane.

Logins keep timing out. Ugh.

Steam just crashed. AGAIN. >:(


Discovering that the GMT offset issue was because I didn't have date.timezone properly set in php.ini

I was apparently grinding my teeth at some point in the day. My mouth hurts now.

After-effects of ocular dilation and numbing...

I dumped cinnamon roll crumbs all over the place



Stupid GMT offsets... That's why the table below is offset...

The "Grump Map" is starting at +4 hours.

That stupid Taco Bell ad.

People aren't registering.

This tool isn't completely done.


Back hurts.