Skudd's Grumps

May, 2023

The website gives me a 403 error when I try to access it from my home internet connection, regardless of computer or browser. Instead, I had to set up a SOCKS proxy over an SSH tunnel and use that to access their site.

This brand new ink pen keeps skipping.

I am suddenly craving mustard.

April, 2023

Acronym soup.

Password change day.

Clickbait is really starting to piss me off.

I just opened a new bag of chips that says "Best by June 1, 2023" on it, but the chips are on the verge of being stale.

The server has been down all morning. I JUST got it back online.

Dried/cured resin on the build plate is very hard to clean off.

I can't do today. It's not possible.


CVS Caremark.

Stupid fasciculations.

Where I sliced my thumb open on the Tamiflu package last week is an annoying bump now.

I don't remember this electrolyte mix having a slightly sour aroma, but even a brand new container of it smells slightly sour. Did I just get accustomed to it before?

The process yesterday was broken and un-communicated, so today is the day that we pay for that brokenness.

When one person messes everything up for the larger group. #waiting #hurryupandwait

People making cell phone calls while in the jury assembly room… On speakerphone.

PHPStorm inconsistently formats SQL as you write it, but if you copy/paste it, it formats it an entirely different way.

"Our product is better in the [mobile] app!"

I had to reference Faith No More - Epic this morning, and now I'm having to listen to it.

I still don’t have a voice.

I just sliced my thumb open on the Tamiflu package.

March, 2023

I keep having a sensation like my front teeth are hitting something, but nothing is there. It’s just air!

I really need new glasses. I'm having trouble reading text on my screen, even at a 12 point font.

I am suddenly craving bacon, very hardcore.

Cmd+Q is way too close to Cmd+Tab

I kicked into my pedal board, barefoot, and ripped up my pinky toe.

My computer just hard crashed and did a full power cycle, all on its own.

I'm sick. Stupid cold. I tried to sleep in, but my caffeine addiction woke me up.