Skudd's Grumps

August, 2022

The nerve pain in my left arm started to flare up late last night. It was bad enough that I took my watch off. I slept okay once my meds started to do their things, but I woke up early because my arm hurt so much.

Somehow I changed the face on my watch yesterday and I haven't been able to figure out what I had before to change it back.

My internet connection keeps flapping in short bursts and causes certain things online to get the old "Connection reset by peer" nonsense.

This weather has my right shoulder hurting like crazy. The last time I felt this sore was when Harvey was moving through the area.

I am incredibly tired and very grumpy as a result.

Panda Express has killed the Black Pepper Chicken.

Why do people feel the need to walk so closely to me when I am sitting here, leaning forward, in this waiting room?

July, 2022

And now my ethernet has decided to flake out like crazy.

My computer keeps locking up whenever I try to do anything remotely relaxing.

The amount of chlorine they used in this hotel pool is burning my nose and eyes. And I’m not even in the water.

Waking up before 6am on vacation, without the use of an alarm.

My face has been twitching this morning and now my hand and foot are trying to cramp.

My computer keeps locking up for no good (or bad) reason.

Songs that contain sounds that are fragments of cell phone ringtones and notification tones.

If I have paid for something, I expect for it to be given to me.

It’s too hot.

Despite nearing the end of my 4th cup of coffee this morning, my brain just entirely shut down.

I just tried to set up a garden hose timer with a thing to reduce the pressure for the soaker hose. It seemed to be working okay, then all of a sudden it blew the hose off the fitting and soaked me head to toe. And it wasn't cold water, either. It was quite warm.

June, 2022

Apparently I was clenching my teeth most of the night. My TMJ is so sore on both sides today.

Why do I feel like such a glutton when I eat the last of something from the original container it was in?

This middle ear myoclonus just got really intense. It felt like/sounded like a really loud rumble of thunder.

I am so tired that I could go back to bed and sleep until mid day tomorrow.

I have been too busy to Grump today.

Being forced onto the express toll road and having to pay $6 to go way out of my way.

Meetings before 8am.

Pidgin stopped working with Google Chat.

Something broke my working Anaconda3 environment that I use to run my DazeMaker worker.

I am about to throw this computer through the window. EVERYTHING is crashing. EVERYTHING is causing other things to crash

I've joined a lot of these online gaming communities because friends have encouraged me to do so. But in the last 6 months or so, everyone has either disappeared entirely or they have said they're done with it all.