lueyfufu's Grumps

October, 2020

"c O u L d 2 0 2 0 g E t a N y w O r S e ??"

deteriorate # dee-tear-ee-ate

"Trunk or treat" - what are the choices here, give me a treat or get in your trunk?


People need to learn from this pronunciation guide.

"with all the fixings"


Not sure if shirt is too tight or just COVID.

How difficult it is to say "rural" without it coming out like "rool" or "roo-wull"

I just painstakingly and carefully defrosted a big, beautiful salmon filet to find that it smells rotten. wtf

The way Rami Malek talks

September, 2020

"Love you more everyday"

"I mean..." is not a complete sentence.

"This outfit is giving me total mom goals."

I'm getting kinda tired of the 2020 fatalism.

All these dam Marvel and DC movies have made me completely lose all interest in any superhero stories for the rest of my life.

Yet another online training narrated by someone with an annoying speech habit. And no closed captioning available.

"...and I'm here to tell you..."

The number of times I accidentally hit my top front teeth with the edge of a glass or cup when I'm getting ready to take a drink

August, 2020

I can't stop watching these Shapermint and L'Ange ad videos on Facebook.

Things like calling someone a mask nazi or saying, "Stop being such a Karen," are hurting your Christian witness and poorly representing Christians as a whole.

"Make no mistake"


I put too much yogurt in my smoothie.

I haven't been able to get to the store in a while and now we're out of milk, which means I have to actually cook something for breakfast.

Bracing for another flood of "prayers to all the victims"

July, 2020

When people use the word "put" in place of "write".

Thanks to COVID, Happy Monday is taking their business back to Chicago and discontinuing the monthly free home delivery of freshly roasted coffee. So I'm back to either trying to find some in local stores or ordering online and waiting two weeks for it to go from Chicago to Champaign and back to Bourbonnais.

Trying to find a dam swimsuit. I switched from one-piece to tankini style because I had such a hard time finding anything that wasn't made for a taller, thinner, larger chested person. Now I can get board-short style bottoms, but I still can't find any dam tops that fit right. If the bust fits, it's too tight in the torso. If the torso fits, the bust is saggy. So I'm stuck with buying a top that fits in the bust and makes my torso look like a lumpy, overstuffed sausage.

When I have my hand on the mouse, sometimes my fingers involuntarily press the buttons and I end up clicking on things I don't want to.