lueyfufu's Grumps

January, 2022

Welp, time to be smug about the weather again.

When Harry Potter haters refer to it as "Harry Pot Head"

December, 2021

"I mean," is not a complete sentence.

Shake that thing

"play college ball"

"drive truck"



Christmas # kreez-moize

This presenter really loves saying "chunks"

I don't understand everyone's obsession with Texas sheet cake.

so-so se-curty

November, 2021

Someone should inform the President that the word is not omni-cron.

important # im-por-din

Tim can't eat lobster without getting ded.

When Deanna forgets how to log in.

October, 2021

"add in"

MLM gatherings advertised as craft fairs.

The person whistling tunelessly down the street.

Trying to get the mouse pointer in the right spot over the edge of a window so that I can drag to resize the window.

"rely on the tech"

September, 2021

tour # "tore"

"Must be nice."

August, 2021

I keep typing "fucc" instead of "cuff"

This newscaster keeps pronouncing government as guv-it.

Referring to any sport as "ball". For example, the newscaster reporting "three innings of scoreless ball."

This guy's radio voice makes him sound like he's congested.

July, 2021

A lunch hour nap was a bad idea.

My allergies are going bonkers since yesterday.