lueyfufu's Grumps

March, 2021

medical clearance # "medico cweeriss"

physical # "fissco"

February, 2021

Dude on the radio keeps pronouncing fentanyl as "fent-a-naw"

"make no mistake" and "let me be clear"

When professional broadcasters say "samwidges"

The way this radio guy puts extra emphasis on prepositions.

January, 2021

"shots in arms"

The girl who did the VO for the ads on this radio station pronounces the short e sound as a short a instead. "Our samwiches are the BAST."

"in my tumm"

sucking at passwords

December, 2020

My banana fell on the floor this morning. I tried to scrape off the floor-y bits, but I'm sure there were some still in there that ended up in my cereal.

November, 2020

I also forgot to buy a turkey.

I forgot to take the turkey out of the freezer.


When people pronounce the "ow" sound like "ahh", such as pronouncing the word out as ott.

The way the song "Freeze Frame" always turns into the Duck Tales theme song in my head.

Sardine spines look like worms.

Jhaxyen - can nobody spell anymore, or are people just trying to get more of the weird letters into circulation?

October, 2020

Another wave of "OH 2020 IS SO HORRIBLE" since Sean Connery died.

"c O u L d 2 0 2 0 g E t a N y w O r S e ??"

deteriorate # dee-tear-ee-ate

"Trunk or treat" - what are the choices here, give me a treat or get in your trunk?


People need to learn from this pronunciation guide.

"with all the fixings"


Not sure if shirt is too tight or just COVID.

How difficult it is to say "rural" without it coming out like "rool" or "roo-wull"

I just painstakingly and carefully defrosted a big, beautiful salmon filet to find that it smells rotten. wtf

The way Rami Malek talks