lueyfufu's Grumps

July, 2016

passive aggressiveness

June, 2016

Paula Abdul.

Neighborhood kids lighting fireworks when I'm trying to go to sleep.

the roof blew off of part of my office building last night and the whole parking lot is closed today but the offices aren't.


A young grackle may have met his demise in the pool.

"guac" and "parm"

I'm not playing Minecraft right now.

"Installing Spotify..."

May, 2016

Gah, the cat got into the flowers again. At least he only ate a rose leaf this time and I know those aren't dangerous for cats, although he'll probably puke.

Bacon pancakes.



April, 2016


Why does my (clean) laundry suddenly smell like cheese?

Mmm...solder smoke.


Of course the maintenance guy shows up to check out the heat situation this morning when it's 50 degrees and we've had the windows open. Come back at noon, dude.

And now it's 458 degrees in the office.

Rock Lobster

when you get that tickly feeling in the back of your throat that makes you cough uncontrollably and nothing will make it go away and everybody in the office thinks you're dying

when Windows Media Center randomly opens

decongestant that doesn't decongest

March, 2016


Lords of the Fallen


Being stuck on the stupid Windows welcome screen for ten minutes.

It smells like either weed or flatulence in here today, with a hint of cheese.


Somebody over-toasted (burned) the oats this morning and must now eat her failure.