lueyfufu's Grumps

February, 2016

it's really difficult to indicate frustrated key mashing with a Swype keyboard.


There's a banana cream pie and a pan of Rice Krispies treats that I *thought* we were having for dessert, but it looks like we're waiting until mid-afternoon. I WANT THEM NAO!

Tom Waits

crab shells in my seafood chowder

My office smells like feet.

I can't type worth carp today.

"So I uhh...well...I just wanted to say...that is, I was kind of wondering if YOU wanted to..."

Dial a phone number, wait for the person to answer, have a sudden coughing fit.

We are all grown adults in this building, so why does somebody keep failing to flush the dam toilet in the women's restroom?!

Crop dusters in the office.