Skudd's Grumps

December, 2017

Password change day.

Tuesday: The new Monday.

Relying on product specifications. Especially when it involves a 133 pound television.

Globus sensation.

Upper respiratory illness.

Acne on my scalp.

The irrational and uncontainable distrust of contractors.

I should really be in bed right now.


I was put down as a required participant on a meeting at 8:30. I got the web conference info, and the invite said to dial in, but i could not dial in because there was no phone info.

It still smells like fish in the office.

Someone nearby had fish for lunch.

I just tried to take a drink of my Dr Pepper, and nothing was coming out. I looked down and realized I forgot to open the can.


The names of values greater than tertiary.

I just moved a bunch of messages in Verse. Instead of moving them, it just added the target folder to the list of folders the messages were in, retaining the original folder.

I am quadruple booked, even though I already had confirmed things on the calendar.

November, 2017

Just as I was getting up to go use the restroom, I got an important phone call. That call then expanded to include my boss and got even more importanter, but ended with a mandatory action for me: Call this other person and get a status update. So I called the other person and they said "let me call you right back". It's been 20 minutes, I still need to urinate, and they've not called.

I am crashing. Hard.



Beer-induced heartburn.

I can't concentrate.

What is it with me and left monitors? First, my left monitor at home died. Now my left monitor at the office is dying.

CVS Refilled a prescription they weren't supposed to. ARGH!

Alcohol and profane ads on Spotify in the mids of a Christian music playlist.

FedEx said my package would be here "by end of day". Now it says "pending".

Emily's computer is totally locked up.

Windows 10

I was so concerned about certain things for trash day that I forgot my lunch and breakfast.