Skudd's Grumps

Just as I was getting up to go use the restroom, I got an important phone call. That call then expanded to include my boss and got even more importanter, but ended with a mandatory action for me: Call this other person and get a status update. So I called the other person and they said "let me call you right back". It's been 20 minutes, I still need to urinate, and they've not called.

I am crashing. Hard.



Beer-induced heartburn.

I can't concentrate.

What is it with me and left monitors? First, my left monitor at home died. Now my left monitor at the office is dying.

CVS Refilled a prescription they weren't supposed to. ARGH!

Alcohol and profane ads on Spotify in the mids of a Christian music playlist.

FedEx said my package would be here "by end of day". Now it says "pending".

Emily's computer is totally locked up.

Windows 10

I was so concerned about certain things for trash day that I forgot my lunch and breakfast.

Cyber Monday.

Google's Cloud API is not documented well AT ALL. Samsung's SmartTV API isn't either.

Well poo. We forgot to get the roaster pan from Emily's mom. Guess we'll be making an evening trip.

Robodialers. No, I don't think the IRS has any tax evasion lawsuit open against me.

People who don't follow standard escalation procedures.

None of the caffeine-free options in the break room were cold, so I was stuck getting caffeine at 2:30pm.

Anti Grump: I'm not on call after all!

Mandatory security training. And it's past due.

Websites that require using a specific browser.

I just turned off the ability for any non-admins to inject HTML in their Grumps.

My shoulder just did something it likes to do every so often. When I moved it, it made a fart-like sound and felt really tight until the sound stopped. Now it's really sore.

My favorite ink pen is failing.

.doc file extensions. Get with the times, people!

I am on call this week.

That feeling like there's something under my thumb nail, but there actually isn't.

Whenever I take a day off, everything falls apart.

When I take a day off and state that I am going to be unavailable, it is not respected at all.