Skudd's Grumps

May, 2016

I have been in meetings SOLID since I got to the office today with only 2 bathroom breaks.

Multiple people talking at the same time on a conference call.

I can't remember how to mount a filesystem with a specific uid/gid option.

This coffee sucks.

My 23andme report says I'm likely to not be very empathetic. I find myself empathizing with most of the Grumps on here though.

Bathroom closed for cleaning at the only mid afternoon break I have.

Being informed today of a thing that was supposed to be completed by last Friday.

I'm starting to remember why I get so Grumpy at work.

People aren't very grumpy when I'm not around.

This cough.

That trip caused my sinus thing to flare up again.



I posted a grump on Friday, but I clearly didn't English with it. No idea what I was trying to say.

An operational issue does not fall under the redesignating l responsibility of development.

People at work not understanding "I'm sick and need to crash"

Jr throwing a fit because he doesn't want to nap.


There's the janitor, rolling the noisy trash bin by my office right on schedule.

The chat software we use is giving me new message notification sounds, but there are no new messages to read.

I ripped a fingernail.

I just got invited to a required meeting from 7:00pm to 7:30pm on Wednesday.

Expense Reports

I think I'm losing my voice.

April, 2016

I'm tired. I hurt, a lot.

My nose hurts.

I dialed into that last conference call thinking I was muted, but I actually wasn't.

I put my undershirt on backwards.

Not getting those extra 2 hours of sleep really makes a huge difference.

I have heartburn.