Skudd's Grumps

My office chair was replaced with a new chair overnight. The new chair is broken: The left arm rest doesn't stay up and there's something missing for the backrest to adjust the height of it.



I had a lot of changes that I was sure that I saved in an Excel document. I made another change then told it to save the document. It gave me some "you need to grant access to this folder" thing, then told me I needed to close and reopen the file. When I did, all my changes were gone.

My office smells like duct tape.

The last 2 days have been so bad that I haven't been able to grump. I think I might artificially inject grumps.

"Please allow 3 - 5 business days to be removed from our email list."

My space bar feels like it has gum under it. It doesn't.

There is no salt or pepper in the break room.


This light roast coffee tastes like dark roast.

I just sneezed so hard that I bit my tongue.


Left join queries.

Trying to remember which of the 5 passwords I have now belongs to my workstation to unlock it.

"Soup to Nuts"

Websites that are statically rendered at 800px wide. Yes, I know....

I just sneezed so hard that it made the back of my right hand hurt.

If you don't understand how much pain I'm in, you shouldn't default to the side of "It's not that bad." You don't know. Seriously. I have a very high tolerance for pain, and if I'm hurting enough that my body is going into "MUST SLEEP" mode because of the pain I'm in, perhaps it's REALLY BAD. Why don't you go find a way to cause your body to attack all of your soft tissues in a sinusoidal pattern of intensity then come back to me and judge my pain levels from the outside. I mean this for EVERY ONE WHO WOULD EVER POTENTIALLY READ THIS.

After lunch yesterday, my body decided to shut down. I had trouble staying awake and I felt really physically exhausted. I slept okay last night, but I woke up still feeling quite exhausted. I don't dig this.

People who block the doorway of the elevator before it opens.

Forced password change day.

I am in entirely too good of a mood today.

People dialing into a conference call and announcing themselves while someone else is talking. is so accurate

Greatly overslept.


My wireless mouse keeps dropping the connection.

Somehow I managed to dump coffee all over my cell phone between here and home this morning. Good thing it's in a protective case.

Excel thinks it should treat my percentages with decimals as the next highest whole value.

I hate it when I'm reading my VIP token ID and it changes in the middle of me reading it.