Skudd's Grumps

July, 2016


Password change day.

Worthless error reporting. What was the error? The methods to the parameter are virtually useless if there isn't any detail about the error.


People who think that you need to crank the drain plug and oil filter down as tight as humanly possible.

June, 2016

If the paint on the railing in a public place is wet, perhaps you should leave a sign stating that. Now I have blueish green fingers.

My neck hurts.

There should really be more than one person working the desk when there's a line of 13 people standing there.

The swans are out of order.

Used car dealership bureaucracy.

Yesterday I thought it was Friday. It was actually Thursday.

I have a major headache, my shoulder hurts, my hands hurt, and my back hurts.

Finding a crumb on your shirt, thinking it's from the Fiber One bar you just ate, and attempting to eat it, only to find that it was NOT part of that bar and tastes absolutely awful.

Traffic on 288.

Shopping for shoes.

I just really cheated at a challenge.


Self-signed SSL certificate authorizations expiring after I log in to authenticated systems.

My Macbook keeps crashing and forcing a restart.

So tired that I started off taking the wrong route to the office.

When you are going to present for a meeting, take 15 minutes well in advance of the meeting to verify that your machine can properly do the whole desktop sharing thing rather than waiting for your turn in the meeting and stalling the entire thing.

I totally forgot about getting ant treatment for the yard yesterday.

Which way the paper comes off the roll matters greatly when the toilet paper dispenser is the stacked roll style.


Friday should not be this grumpy.

I have an ingrown hair on the back of my neck.

My back hurts.

I am quite tired.

My ribs hurt.

Expense reports.