Skudd's Grumps

March, 2016

Someone rearranged the coffee creamers in the break room. This caused me to put hazelnut creamer in my coffee instead of plain creamer. Gross.

Just made the wrong turn on the wrong street.

Logins are fixed now. \o/

I'm about to break logins for a bit. Hang in there.

Why would the MoveOrCopyRuleAction's "Folder" property be "Nothing" in the case of an olRuleActioNCopyToFolder action?

Bleh, the way I did the authentication system doesn't allow you to stay logged in from multiple devices at the same time. I'll have to fix that. Hooray for more complexity!

Facebook is nagging me to add a profile picture to the GrumpLog page. Seriously, Facebook. I keep saying "Skip" because I don't have one yet. If anyone is good with graphics though and wants to create one, an SVG of a cartoon-ish log, cut end facing view, grumpy eyes and eyebrows would be perfect.

This chocolate cake slice is huge. I'm eating it anyhow.


Authentication should be fixed. It's cookie-based now and the cookies don't expire for a year.

Early morning is early.

"My Logs" is more consistent with the "Latest public Grumps". Also fixed a rendering bug.

Jeez, that took a bit. Usernames are supported now. Click "Logged in as ..." then "Edit Profile". Grump about anything that doesn't work though or send me a message on Facebook.

Traffic. Also the light sequence at 610 and Woodway

I need to start using a version control system and a project management system. Ugh.

Lots of feature requests that I'm considering, some partially implemented. Then there's that dumb issue with logins expiring.

February, 2016

I told Notes that I wanted to use the OS-configured browser instead of the built-in IE-based browser. So why does clicking a link in the help documents open IE in a new window?

Why does voting have to be so difficult? Like, the process itself isn't bad, but figuring out who is who and what they are for is near impossible.

I need to implement usernames. Bleh.

"This is gonna be bigger than duckface."

URL redirection isn't working as I had hoped. I'll keep working on it though, as I'm able to brane.

Logins keep timing out. Ugh.

Steam just crashed. AGAIN. >:(


Discovering that the GMT offset issue was because I didn't have date.timezone properly set in php.ini

I was apparently grinding my teeth at some point in the day. My mouth hurts now.

After-effects of ocular dilation and numbing...

I dumped cinnamon roll crumbs all over the place