Skudd's Grumps

March, 2016

Arthritic pain and stiffness.

Really slow freight trains.

For the last 2 weeks, the cigarette smoke hasn't been an issue. Today though, all of a sudden, it's filling my office. What gives?

You can now record your apathy or empathy towards others' Grumps. It's ugly how I implemented it, but it's there. If you want it to look more betterer, draw something up and I'll try to implement it. I am not a UI person.

My back, hands, and hips hurt.

Read only filesystems.

A Grumpy challenger appears.

Buggy pagination. It's been fixed though. Now you can go back and see your old Grumps and edit/delete/toggle them!

That should have been easier, but it wasn't. Oh well, you can edit your Grumps now.

The people who drive 90 miles an hour through Memorial Park.

It is entirely too morning.

Am I really grumpier than everyone else, or do I just take the time to Grump more frequently?

I really dislike that my calendar on my phone no longer sends me notifications. I relied heavily on it for reminding me when my meetings are, but corporate cell phone policy killed that off.

I don't want to finish my thought I just started. That's fine, talk over me. About something unrelated.

Someone's cologne/perfume is overwhelming my office. I'm the only one in my office.

Microsoft Outlook.

"Bae" - It's not a word, folks.

Having more things to Grump about than I have time for. #monday

Someone's perfume saturating the gas pump nozzle, making me smell like it for the rest of the day because I touched it.


When the sign says "right lane ends", it's not a challenge to see how far you can go in the right lane.

People who don't understand the rules of the zipper merge .

I added a feature to allow Grumping as another user. I haven't quite worked out how to limit who can grump by who, yet. That's a bit more tedious. For now though, only administrators can grump as other users.

Last night, all night, I thought I was somewhere other than my house. I even questioned who was in the bed with me.

Crap, I should have mentioned: Logins don't use your email address anymore, they use your username.

FINALLY, new GrumpLog code deployed.

Too many cooks in the kitchen.

People who run a conference call and won't let others talk.

People who know how to do things should not hoard their knowledge, and they shouldn't be evasive when others attempt to learn those things from them.

Remmina thinks that I need the remote desktop session to be in the foreground, even when I'm working in other windows.