Skudd's Grumps

The presidential election.

Trying to remember that the keystrokes in Mac land are different than those in Linux/Windows land.

People in this state don't seem to understand that if you're on a divided highway in the middle of nowhere, it's NOT COOL to drive with your high-beams on. Oh, and it doesn't matter if they're coming up behind you or if they're coming towards you.


"We are experiencing unusually high call volumes."

People don't understand Brooks' Law.

"Oh no! There is a slight amount of moisture on the road. I must drive like it is a solid sheet of ice."

People who attempt to enter the elevator AS SOON AS THE DOORS OPEN when there are people who need off.

Midwest allergies.

"Your conference will begin momentarily. Please continue to hold."

Jr. has been really indecisive all day.


Slept awfully last night.

iHurt. The new product from Apple?


When enough things come together that all cause me to be grumpy, I reach a point where I lose all motivation to care or to do anything. I'm there right now.

I am 90% sure my cervical spine is attempting to fuse.

Imgur API.

This day just keeps getting better and better.

Overslept this morning.


Losing my voice.

Heartburn from sinus drainage.

Got a robo-dial for a business loan thing, pressed the button to talk to someone, asked if they follow the national do not call registry, chick said, "Uh, yes we do." then hung up on me.


Spinal spasms.

Long drives.

Might be time to start shopping at Lowe's.

Self-signed SSL certificate authorizations expiring after I log in to authenticated systems.

Hitting cmd+q instead of cmd+w in Chrome.